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11:11 Explained by Guru Singh

11:11 Explained by Guru Singh

Guru Singh is a great man. I go to his classes in Yoga West as often as I can because I love listening to him talk. His words take me on a journey both relaxing and invigorating at the same time. He shows me new ways to look at things. His inspiring words are joyfully embraced by that part of me that appreciates passion and authenticity. I feel privileged to be in his presence.

Guru Singh is now in Rishikesh, India celebrating “the dawning of the Aquarian Age” in a global event called the 11.11.11 Kundalini Yoga & Music Festival. The festival is a “7-day celebration of transformation as we cross the threshold into the Aquarian Age.” Hundreds or even thousands of people from all over the world will come together for yoga, prayer, ceremony, dancing, sadhana, chanting, laughing, loving, and eating delicious food together.

I just got an email from him entitled “Miracles of 11:11” and his words resonated with me, so I wanted to share them here:

“– imagine the immense value of this unique date
. . . a profound marketing tool found within both its fantasy and its reality.

The fantasy speaks of the ending of calendars from ancient and wiser civilizations,
and perhaps even time itself stopping where life will never be the same.
The reality says that time is a necessary quantum illusion
and life has really never been the same.
The fact that life seems so familiar from moment to moment
is the very nature of this timely and timeless illusion.

11.11.11 is in fact a peak moment in the continuum of this illusion of time
and it is this moment that we are now celebrating.

Everything from microwaves to atoms have been accelerating wildly
ever since ‘it’ (the material universe) first began with a bang.
And now we’ve reached yet another one of those momentous tipping points
. . . like the colliding creation of the moon, the subsequent emergence of life,
the annihilation of the dinosaurs, primates standing up, their discovery of fire,
and the development of spoken language.
Yes, here we are once again engaging in an evolutionary acceleration point
that is turning our very existence exponentially forward.
But this time it does so from our inner landscape . . . the world within.

Science tells us that our material Universe has contained the exact same
amount of matter since the moment it all began some 13.8 billion years ago.
The current transforming phenomenon is this: this matter has been expanding and
stretching at a rate of fifty million miles per minute since that opening bang.
There have been many moments when the resulting stretch
producing tension, pressure, stress and friction has reached a game change.
We have reached that tipping point once again.

Up until now the old system was always about might, right and survival
. . . bone and muscle were the defining rulers of that time.
Social extensions of bone and muscle have been money and weapons.
Those with the most of these were able to dominate everyone else.
This new tipping point with its massive increase in the tension,
pressure, stress and friction caused by this constant expansion
has made muscle and bone a bit obsolete as the primary dominance.
The new system will be governed by the clarity, power and focus of brain, nerves and will.
This will couple with the intuitive leveraging capacity of the body’s fascia.
There are twenty seven miles of nerves in our bodies
and fascia is the resonating membrane running from our head to our toes.

The game of life has changed from force and survival
to focus and awareness, from might to insight.
Where we were once empowered by dominating,
we will now be empowered by our understanding.
The impulses will emerge from within us
as compared to the old system of receiving orders from the outside world.

Beginning on 10.28.11 and maximizing from 11.11.11 to 12.21.12
marks the core of this shifting period.
And though it is not so much about a single day in which all changes occur;
these thirteen months are a significant crescendo in the acceleration of these changing times.
This is about science more than philosophy.
It’s about real physics acting on our physical bodies,
as opposed to meta-physics acting on our subtleties.

This is not so much about believing beyond our experience
as it is about understanding and knowing what we are experiencing.
We are now compelled to fully awaken, to show up, align and tune in,
and to lead the way forward with our sheer examples.
11.11.11 marks and celebrates this moment in time.
Be wise — be healthy, happy and holy —
join the celebration with the meditations happening all around the world. “

   — Guru Singh

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