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Agape International Spiritual Center

Agape International Spiritual Center

The essence of Agape is best described by its founder, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith: “When I founded the Agape International Spiritual Center and community in 1986, we “visioned” it as a movement that would take a stand for love, for peace, for being a beneficial presence on the planet. That’s why it was named “Agape,” which in Greek means unconditional love. Agape’s vision is fueled by the love of God, the One, indefinable yet unmistakable Presence whose vehicle on earth is the human heart and soul. My aspiration is that every individual who is touched by the vibration of Agape is inspired to cultivate a heart of love as wide as the world.”

Since its doors opened in 1986, Agape’s active teaching and practice of the New Thought-Ancient Wisdom tradition of spirituality has expanded into a trans-denominational movement and community of 9,000 local members and 1,000,000 friends worldwide. Through Dr. Beckwith’s weekly services, Agape’s University of Transformational Studies and Leadership classes, ministries and other outreach programs, the heart of Agape reaches deep into local and global communities teaching individuals about the transforming, healing power of prayer, meditation, and selfless service.

Agape’s Mission Statement

The Agape International Spiritual Center is a global community dedicated to recognizing, honoring and nurturing the dignity and uniqueness of all peoples.

Through devoted practice of universal spiritual principles embodied in the New Thought-Ancient Wisdom teachings, we are agents of transformation.

As a transdenominational community, we serve within all levels of society to reveal the underlying perfection and harmony of the Universe.

We embrace the transformational and evolutionary impulse of the planet through our spiritual practice, sacred service and unconditional love.

The center itself is located in Culver city, and hold many programs through out the week. Several community services are held on Sundays and there are many smaller programs offered as well.

Here’s a tip that might be helpful if you’re planning on attending the 11am service. It’s usually the busiest one so parking could be a little challenging. However, getting there early may not be the most effective strategy. I found it’s best to get there at around 10:45 and then lurk inside the parking lot. Don’t be alarmed if there is no available spaces. Within a minute or two, dozens of people from the earlier service go into their cars and leave, so for about 10-15 minutes, there is plenty of parking space.

And here is another tip. If you’re considering bringing your young children with you, consider this. Agape provides free childcare for those who attend the service, and those who come accompanied by younger children, do not have to stand in line and get in before everybody else.

For more information, visit Agape’s website.

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