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Alok Philip Rocheleau

Alok Philip Rocheleau

Alok is the founder of Rock Water Healing Arts which focuses on wellness in all aspects of life , providing massage, yoga, dance, mindfulness, wellness coaching, and nature connection.

Alok’s passion is to inspire people to find a healthy balance in their lives through honest connection with themselves and others.
Alok’s massage practice is based on Thai Massage and Accupressure.

With his background in the yogic arts and a degree in exercise physiology, Alok uses this knowledge to unwind both the muscular and energetic systems of the body. Known for his strong, intuitive hands, Alok encourages awareness of the breath to help with release.

As a yoga instructor he also offers stretches at the end of each sesssion to help further with release and can also create a personalized yoga routine.
Alok has taught workshops in contact yoga, Thai Massage, and contact dance. He also leads backpacking and yoga retreats with nature awareness and mindfulness activities. He is a strong believer in the healing power of nature and the peace it provides.

For more info, please visit his website or call 530-368-1619.

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