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Anjuli Mahendra, LMT

Anjuli Mahendra, LMT

Anjuli Mahendra is a multi-modality healer, teacher, and founder of Shakticura Healing Lounge. Her private practice, Embodied Resonance includes integrated bodywork, coaching, and workshops that focus on opening the body to it’s highest potential. A common thread throughout her offerings is supporting clients to find their internal wisdom, which organically brings clarity, healing, creativity, and deep connection with Spirit.


Anjuli Mahendra began Shakticura in 2011 with the intention of bringing together diverse communities of the Bay Area to explore a wide array of healing arts practices. The elements of the name Shakticura come from Sanskit (Shakti) which means “creative divinity” and Spanish(cura) which means “to cure.” Having both Indian and Spanish blood, Anjuli chose this name to both honor her own mixed heritage as well as encourage cross-pollination and non-exclusivity in visioning holistic, healthy living.

Shakticura Healing Lounge is a combination of offerings that focus on healing and attunement for self, partner, community, and finally all living beings. It encourages people to open to their own somatic wisdom by stimulating every sense organ. Each event includes sacred art, medicinal foods/tea/chocolate, sound healing, massage and partner yoga. Participants have the opportunity to receive mini-sessions from some of the most talented healers in the area while also learning practices that they can continue to develop if they so choose. The intention of Shakticura is to not only revitalize all of the participants, but also to help us attune to issues in our culture where we can be of service and support. Shakticura Lounges flourish because of the unique alchemy that all the healers and participants weave together. May we inspire each other to cultivate compassion, creativity, innovation, and equanimity along our life journey.

Embodied Resonance Healing Arts and Bodywork

Anjuli Mahendra is a nationally licensed massage therapist, yogini, and dancer. Her Embodied Resonance practice is an integrated form of structural and Thai bodywork focused on balancing the body with deep stretching, compression, acupressure, connective tissue elongation, and intuitive unwinding. In addition to Thai and Structural work, her practice is also informed by traditional healing arts systems including Shiatsu and Taoist bodywork which includes abdominal massage to balance the organs and meridians of the body. Anjuli’s therapeutic, intuitive touch has been helping people work through acute physical/emotional imbalances as well as deep-seated, chronic ailments. In addition to working in the connective tissue, joint, and muscular fields of the body to restore alignment, she also tunes into the energetic field, encouraging clients to listen to their inner state of being.


Anjuli’s practice of Embodied Resonance focuses on using the body as a vehicle to explore internal awareness. Her teaching style is a unique synthesis of dance, movement, and healing practices. She encourages her students to use fluid, spiraling movements to warm the body in preparation for deeper connection through dance, contact yoga. and resonance work. She holds space for her students to explore deep inner journeywork through solo and group dance encouraging them to tune into their natural surroundings for clues to go deeper into the unlimited nature of consciousness. Anjuli facilitates her students to get in touch with their internal experience and express this energy through movement, sounding, release, and acknowledgement.
Anjuli also teaches Contact Yoga, her signature blend of partner stretching, contact improvisation, and Thai massage that gives students an opportunity to explore the full range of expression from slow/subtle movements to acrobatic lifts. This practice is a bridge between the yoga, dance, and massage worlds, encouraging trust, intimacy, and connection amongst her students.

Anjuli teaches monthly workshops in the Bay Area as well as multi-day retreats in Yosemite, Big Sur, Harbin, and beyond.

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