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Announcing The First Osher Gathering

Announcing The First Osher Gathering


We are Healers Worldwide. Our vision is a world at peace. We believe our world will be at peace when we reach a critical mass of people who are at peace with themselves. Our mission is to empower and support practitioners of the healing arts through personal and professional consultation, business playshops and networking events. We work with healers from all over the world to align their business with their intention, to support their personal and professional growth, to provide business strategy and to eliminate limiting beliefs.

On May 11, 2013, from 6:30pm on, we present The First Osher Gathering, a celebration of Healing, Gratitude and Awakening, at the transformational vortex known as Syrup Loft in downtown Los Angeles. Osher translates to “Bliss” in the Hebrew language, and this is our intention for the evening! Join Healers Worldwide as we elevate our bodies, minds and spirits through a mini-healing festival that includes: intentional networking, expansion of consciousness, catered vegetarian dinner, music and sound healing, conscious dance, healing faire, breathwork and guided meditation.

We are honored to host Michael Brian Baker, Founder of The Breath Center, as he leads us on a journey into self-expansion. We will sit in community over a catered, locally sourced, vegetarian meal, giving thanks for abundance and friendship. We will wander the Syrup Loft, visiting healing booths from local healers, receiving short sessions and information on their practices. We will enjoy company in the tea and tarot corner, and get activated through conscious dance with Groove Temple Live.

Also joining us are Rabia Hayek and Yogi Arvind.

We are honored to introduce Rabia to our community! Rabia is an expert on optimal, conscious and synchronous breathing worldwide. He has toured the world sharing his work with thousands, he is the founder of Omnibreath & Do As One, and is also a TEDx speaker:

Arvind is the founder of the Moksha Festival and one of the pillars of our community. We are planning to write a blog post about him soon, so that we get to know the man behind the legend :)

We are grateful to our Ajna Sponsors, Omnibreath, Moksha Festival and Groove Temple, for their generous support and for believing in our vision! Many thanks to our Vishudda Sponsors: Cloud 9 Yoga, Yoga Nest, Organic Blood, Alexandrine Yoga and Phil Osophical.

If you are a practitioner of the Healing Arts, we have a limited amount of discounted passes, and one of them is reserved for you! Please follow the link and apply for your Healers Pass!

RSVP to Osher Gathering and keep up with the Healers Worldwide community as we continue to expand consciousness around the event, add healers to the faire and announce the juicy details as we get closer to May 11th!

Come join us and be open to receive love, light and community healing from our network of conscious peoples! Many Thanks and Blessings!

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