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Aokha Skyclad (Betsy Cacchione)

Aokha Skyclad (Betsy Cacchione)

Aokha Skyclad (Betsy Cacchione) is a chameleon shapeshifter and finder of common ground. An anthropologist and linguist at heart, she has traveled the world in solo journeys delving deep into indigenous cultures and becoming welcomed family among countless diverse peoples. An adventurer extraordinaire, she devotes her life to helping each of us find and follow our passion and to promoting her ethic of the Nomad Academy: a program aimed towards the dissolution of fear and empowering the superhero within each of us to bravely become. She is a published author and co-founder of a not-for-profit organization in Arizona (Synergy in Symbiosis Nexus, Inc.) whose mission is to promote community, collaboration and communication through the sharing of resources, information and training. She holds the seat for Social Technology & Communications for the Convergence Network and finds it her own personal mission to try to maintain clear lines of communication throughout the network, both to promote transparency, inclusivity and community participation, and also to support an holistic evolution of this multi-faceted entity in which all of the parts are continuously mutually informed. An efficiency guru with endless experience at shaping and directing a smooth flow of operations, she brings her wide vision as a pattern seer and her strengths as a well tuned communicator to help weave the skills and gifts and actions of this nexus of potent activated leaders into an effortlessly humming system of informed interlocking spheres. She is also tracking and ever seeking new ways to improve efficiency in collaborative endeavors by seeking and supporting tools and practices which may increase our potential for resource sharing and cooperative innovation. Her favorite question to ponder is: “How can we do all of this amazing stuff even better and more easily if we do it together?”

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