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Asherah (Jessica Abelson), MA

Asherah (Jessica Abelson), MA

Hi. I’m Asherah (born Jessica Abelson) and I am is inspiring and shining proof of the ability to overcome the most devastating traumas and soar. Since 2001 I’ve been working with individuals and groups facilitating transformation on levels of body, psychology, and spirit. This has included work as a yoga teacher, teacher of spirit, and workshop facilitator, and as a one on one therapist and healer: In the SF Bay Area, Boston, New York, and Maui.

My mission is to catalyze liberation and help beings free themselves from the ravages of trauma, especially sexual trauma and violence, and then to go out and dance wildly, and celebrate all the beauty life has to offer. I have sat in spiritual community in Maui and the Bay Area, featured on radio shows alongside Marja West, taught yoga at Novartis, Equinox, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and I hold an MA in Somatic Psychology from CIIS. In addition to my MA, my credentials include 800 hours of bodywork training and education, including Craniosacral, Polarity, and Reiki/Master teacher, 800 hours yoga trainings and certifications in multiple lineages, and involvement in Munay-Ki and priestessing.

Instead of being a traditional psychotherapist with a 50 minute hour and a book of diagnosis, my role is that of a loving yet ass-kicking mentor who holds the space for rapid transformation and healing to occur. Each and every client is known to be whole and powerful, with suffering as arising from painful life experiences along the way. The primary goal(s) of doing work together is to clear these hurts and the illusions they create (eg “I am alone”) in order to remember our own brilliance and personal power. My framework is body oriented, spiritual, and psychological, and also includes creative process, bringing together many different tools in group and individual settings.

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