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Beautiful Hollywood

Beautiful Hollywood

A couple of days ago one of my best friends celebrated he’s 40th birthday. He is totally awesome and worthy of many blog posts, but this post is about somebody else that I met at his party.

Her name, she answered after I asked her, was Hollywood. For some mysterious reason it made sense. She said she loves burning man and we immediately proceeded to have a really good conversation.

So we became friends on Facebook, and she sends me a link to her blog. So I check it out.

By the 2nd post I was already smitten. Then I heard her sing and my heart opened up.

Hollywood – You’re a beautiful person! I’m glad I met you, and I hope you don’t mind that I’m honoring your video and your blog here!

C. Ashleigh Caldwell (aka Hollywood) is an actor, spokes model, song writer, and writer living in Hollywood, CA. She recently appeared in commercials for TV Guide, Smarty had a Party, GMC and Burlington Coat Factory and is the is the online spokes model for several companies including Southwest Airlines and Genentech Access Solutions.

After producing 2 full length CD’s “Moving to Hollywood” and “None More Red”, Ashleigh continued to write and record another 17 songs.

Ashleigh started “Positively Hollywood” to share her experiences and stories of her life in Hollywood.

To be silly and have fun, visit her blog.

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