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Best Practices in Holistic-Healing: End of the “Wild West” Era in Holistic Health

Best Practices in Holistic-Healing: End of the “Wild West” Era in Holistic Health

In some ways the past 40 years has indeed been the “best of times.” Some of us have lived thru an inspiring sequence of cultural innovations:
civil and human rights > humanistic psychology > holistic health and healing > muscle testing > Bradshaw inner child work > NLP > connecting with your own Divinity inside as inner sunshine.

Holistic modalities “born” since about 2000 tend to incorporate wisdom from most or all of the above.

I’ve noticed younger practitioners sometimes appear unaware about best practices known to be tried-and-true after 30-40 years or more of trial and error.
Tools That Heal Press was in-part created to document Best Practices that I could not find documented anywhere else.

With 100 distinct holistic modes, can we say what works and what does not?

From just a few distinct, branded, hands-on–and hands-off–energy healing modalities in the early 1970s, the number now is towards one hundred holistic modalities possible to become certified in and practice on your self and with clients. That’s a lot of trial-and-error.
Below I’ve attempted a list of concepts and methods that I believe a great deal of consensus exists on, among holistic educators–even where methods, strategies and tactics vary. Given the explosion of creativity and experiment in holistic healing and especially energy healing, uncertainty about what works should be diminishing.

So here is the current Healing Toolbox list of concepts and practices that are universally safe and effective across all holistic modalities–and practices which tend not to be, are more obvious now than in 1970.

Best Ethical Practices in Holistic Healing are taught in chiropractic schools, Touch for Health trainings and Acupuncture schools; professionalism, cleanliness, integrity, honesty come to mind. Find a cross-modality statement of ethics for holistic healers HERE:

Less well-known are more general concepts and some methods in Energy Healing and Self-Healing. Add your comments below on the following speculations.

Some Best Practice Concepts-Methods in Energy Healing and Self-Healing

Healing Toolbox endorses ALL the following as safe and effective for ALL holistic healing modes. Add to that, ALL contribute towards profitability when used with clients. In no particular order:

  • Washing your face and hands three or more times a day; especially, if you work with clients.
  • Muscle testing and self-muscle-testing of all kinds is the easy way to work with invisible realities.
  • Adequate and sufficient psychic-self-protection is needed whenever people work with invisible energies.
  • Working with ‘God as your Partner’ summarizes one of the best psychic-self-protections (
  • Meridian Tracing (ala Donna Eden)
  • Messages from the Body by Michael Lincoln, encyclopedia of the mental-emotional meaning of pain anywhere in the body (five other similar, cheaper books exist that are also accurate. Not all body-symbology books are!)
  • Meridian Metaphors, psychology of the meridians and major organs, reference manual
  • Muscle Metaphors in Touch of Health 2nd Ed.
  • Compassionate (nonviolent) Communication:
  • The Law of Gentleness, how to avoid a healing crisis
  • Each person heals uniquely (Rudolf Steiner)
  • The Three Selves, middle conscious-waking self, lower inner child/immune system, higher intuitive self
  • The inner child is primarily an etheric being, the easy way to understand health and healing
  • Find and use your own Symbol of Peace (Bertrand Babinet)
  • Two chairs to sort out your two minds (Fritz Perls, Gestalt Therapy)
  • Learning your own most-open sensory channels (NLP, newer version of VAKOG is KVAOG
  • You have 12 senses by Rudolf Steiner (newer version has kinesthetic senses all grouped together and on top)

Here’s a simple yet useful tip:

Q: Where can I learn about topic “X”?
A: Google and YouTube tend to be very good. Articles on many these are also up at

Can YOU think of any I’m missing? Please add your insights below.

** Article by Bruce Dickson.

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