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Beyond The First Osher Gathering

Beyond The First Osher Gathering

Three days ago we celebrated together at The First Osher Gathering.

It was truly a magnificent celebration of Healing, Gratitude and Awakening!

What an honor to share the stage with such prominent Healers as Rabia Hayek, Yogi Arvind, Michael Brian Baker and Michelle LeMay and Luis Rosario of Groove Temple.

The First Osher Gathering was the third major milestone in the Chronicles of Healers Worldwide. The first was the switch from Healers.LA to Healers Worldwide. The second was the launch of the Prism Series here in LA earlier this year.

While writing this blog post I felt like watching Jon Nash’s video from the first Prism event earlier this year:

I enjoyed watching all the familiar faces and was so moved to realize the depths of the network we created – a network of Healers connected to each other’s heart through a shared vision. So much love!

I am so humbled and so grateful!

With this humility I am inviting us to shift our consciousness to what comes next.

Healers Worldwide is deepening the relationship with Michael Brian Baker’s The Breath Center. The two organizations share the same vision, and we are excited to explore more ways to co-create.

As a first step, Healers Worldwide and The Breath Center are joining forces in the production of The Prism Series.

We have announced our next event at the Osher gathering – June 11 at The Breath Center Community House in Mar Vista.

In this hands-on workshop, we will teach and demostrate an innovative method to re-program your mind so that you can show up fully and speak freely in front of an audience. I will facilitate this workshop and other Healers will join us as well.

We are extending the invitation to the attendees of The First Osher Gathering to register at a discounted rate. On May 21 we will start our marketing efforts, and the discounted passes will expire.

Both Michael and I leaving town in service of our shared vision. Michael is heading to Shakti Fest in Joshua Tree to facilitate healing sessions, and I’m leaving for the Tribal Convergence event Awaken in Camp Navarro in the Northern California Redwoods, to activate and be activated.

We are Healers Worldwide. Our vision is a world at peace. We are so grateful you joined us!


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