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Breath & Sound with Michael & Guy

Breath & Sound with Michael & Guy

Yesterday I attended Breath and Frequency Sound Bath, the last Breathwork and Sound-Healing event of the year by Michael Brian Baker and Guy Douglas. I met Guy at Lightening in a Bottle 2011, where I was first introduced to his Gong Chair and his passion for sound and vibrational healing. I met Michael a few months later here in LA, and we immediately connected.

I followed their progress over the months that followed, re-connecting as our schedules allowed. I was glad to learn that Michael and Guy met earlier this year at Shakti Fest in Joshua Tree, attended each other healing sessions, and decided to join forces.

As I re-discovered yesterday, Michael’s deep Shamanic breath work, combined with Guy’s myriad of gongs and tibetan bowls, is indeed a very powerful combination. A two hours journey into myself and beyond felt like fifteen minutes, and as my consciousness slowly returned to my body, I felt empowered, balanced and rejuvenated.

Over the last couple of month Michael shared with me his vision for the Breath Center. His selfless commitment to being in service is truly inspiring, and many volunteers, event attendees, friends and lightworkers of various levels are already called to support his work.

Michael and I have been discussing the possibility of documenting his journey online as a way to bring in more awareness and resources, in order to support the transition of the Breath Center from an organically growing grassroots movement into a robust, efficient and effective light-generating organization.

If you feel called to support this, please contact Michael or myself.

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