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Bruce Dickson

Bruce Dickson

A third generation intuitive, Health Intuitive, Bruce Dickson, creates custom healing solutions for people who wish to clear blocks and obstacles to their health and success. “Let’s throw off burdens we no longer wish to carry.” Find about 100 meditation techniques, energy healing techniques and training at

See his 14 books on Best Practices in Self-Healing at Amazon.

In 40 years of self-healing, he’s taught himself how to “see” into the body and subconscious, developing many new Tools That Heal, along the way. He’s seen clients in person and over phone-Skype since 2001.

He co-Founded the Westside Holistic Chamber of Commerce. His training includes University of Santa Monica (USM), Waldorf teacher certification, Touch for Health, BreakThrough Parenting certification, school counseling Masters, and Masters in Spiritual Science from Peace Theological Seminary. He’s a Minister in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness ( which ordains people not to preach or teach but to be of service.

“Your body sends you many messages. With your permission, I can “hear” your immune system and translate what it’s saying for you. With your own immune system and your own Guidance, we learn what’s oppressing your cells.

Talking with your own immune system is the most direct & effective way to learn about your health concerns, and what to do about them. Your inner child and immune system are functionally equal. They are the experts on your physical body–not you from the neck-up. When your cells throw off the burdens, they bounce back to health. Matching up people with physical remedies, supplements, solutions and “homework” is then the easy part.

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