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Burning Man 2011 Tickets Sold Out

Burning Man 2011 Tickets Sold Out

By now you all know that Burning Man tickets have sold out for the first time since its inception 25 years ago. Panic spread around the globe like wildfire as people realized they made all these expensive and logistically complicated arrangements to get to the Playa but left their ticket buying for later, never believing tickets would run out.

There won’t even be any last-minute tickets available at the gate, according to the official Burning Blog. Event organizers give a stern warning for those without tickets to “NOT show up at the Gate.”

The various online venues for tickets (ie. ebay, craigslist, ticketstub, ect.) are overflowing with tickets sold for as much as four times the original ticket price, and are also filled with fakers and scammers. BEWERE!

If you choose to purchase through a third party we highly suggest you meet in person for the tickets and not risk buying through the mail. The ePlaya is a good place to post buying or selling tickets.

The LA Burning Man community is encouraging us to “Hold firm, people. Stand your ground. NEVER pay more than face value + fees for any BM ticket EVER. Please pass this on. Spread the word. Remind people that you dont sell a BM ticket for more than face value. Force the greed to stop. We can do it if we band together. ” They also just issued the following WARNING: Fake tickets are already being sold in Los Angeles. Be careful people! These tickets are reported to have partial foil and a primitive embossing. Know exactly what a real ticket looks like before you buy!

Here are scams to look out for that have happened in the past:

  1. Seller gives tickets numbers from another person’s tickets and may even produce photos of the tickets but doesn’t actually possess the tickets, then collects money via mail or Paypal and cuts off contact with buyer. Recourse: possible chargeback through Paypal, no recourse if money order or cash.
  2. Seller gives ticket numbers out, collects money and mails an empty envelope or nothing at all. Recourse: possible chargeback through Paypal, no recourse if money order or cash.
  3. Seller claims tickets can be printed out at home using a special link they will give out. Collects money and sends bogus email, then cuts off contact. NOTE: BURNING MAN TICKETS CANNOT BE PRINTED AT HOME. Recourse: possible chargeback through Paypal, no recourse if money order or cash.
  4. Seller produces fake tickets and sells to people who don’t know what real tickets look like.

How to spot a fake ticket

We’ve seen some pretty lame copies of tickets in the past, some are simply color photocopies and others are a little more involved, like trying to use glitter fingernail polish to mimic holographic foil. If you know what to look for, you should be able to save yourself the heartbreak and hassle of getting all the way up to the gate and being told you’ve been duped.

There are several security features on the tickets.

There is shiny holographic foil on *both* the front and back. On the front it is the lettering and and in a crisscoss silver pattern, on the back it is the upper and lower rectangle portions of the ticket and the hologram is little circles.

There is also a special raised embossing (stamp) in a custom pattern in the middle of the upper part of the ticket. You should be able to make out the man symbol and read “25th Anniversary” in the circular embossing VERY CLEARLY.

There should be two bar codes in the bottom section of the ticket (one above the stub and one below) with two sets of number/letter codes (that you should check with us before purchasing). The price of the ticket is also in a white rectangle on the top and bottom of the ticket.

2 Responses to “Burning Man 2011 Tickets Sold Out”

  1. Newsytype says:

    The creativity and self-reliance of Burning Man has returned to Black Rock Wasteland in northern Nevada. Burning Man 2011 is filled up, but that doesn’t mean those with a hankering cannot got to the live internet feed for nutrition. Here are a few tricks to get ready for next year’s Burning Man.

  2. Ilan says:

    I got back from Burning Man 48 hours ago. As I’m slowly catching up with things in the default world I am processing my experience and plan to write a blog post soon. In the meantime I have only this to say: incredible, powerful, transformational. It was everything I wanted and needed it to be.

  3. […] When the 2011 Burn sold out, it was clear that Burning Man has reached another pivotal point in its history. “We knew we […]

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