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Burning Opera Los Angeles

Burning Opera Los Angeles

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About 10 years ago I was working on developing an immersive experience that exists where film meets role playing games. I called this concept “Role Playing Films”. The seed for this idea was planted in my mind as I was writing my final essay in Digital Media towards the end of my TV & Filmmaking degree. I became very passionate about this concept, which is the primary reason I moved to Los Angeles (or at least that’s what I thought at the time – I now know I moved to LA to look for something completely different). My quest lead me to a meeting with David Koenig, the CEO of Gigawatt Studios. The project never took off (our shared vision was probably 20 years ahead of its time), and Gigawatt was shutdown a few years later. But a casual meeting at Shabbat Dinner at a friend’s house reunited me with Yoni Koenig, David’s brother. It was one of those incredible serendipities that remind you that even though the Universe works in mysterious way, it always works.

Yoni, as it turned out, is the producer and co-designer of Strange Weather – The Los Angeles version of The Burning Opera:

“Immerse yourself in this epic rock tale of evolution and transformation through our story of ‘the festival in the desert’ known by some as the “Burn”. Watch the story unfold around you through the magic of our giant cinematic shadow experience of puppets and dancers, see performing live on stage our jamming 10-piece rock band and amazing vocalists, and, if you chose, become part of the event, Participate! (its radical self reliance!). Each night we will bring you surprise guests with stories of adventure, and performers and artists whose talents span the spectrum of creativity. And as the night comes to a close the DJ will spin us into the final hours of decompression, dancing and interaction.”

The show opens on June 10.

Here’s a short video they just released on YouTube:

Here are a couple of photos from the rehearsals:

For more info, showtimes and tickets, please visit their website.

To get $4 off the ticket price, be sure to use code ‘Healers.LA’ before checking out (without the quotes and exactly as it appears – the code is case sensitive)

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