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Chef Gage

Chef Gage

Chef Gage was first trained in cooking at the Siddah Yoga Ashram in Ganeshpuri in the early 1980’s. This was where he got his start cooking for large groups. He later was a chef at Deepok Chopra’s Center, where he worked with Ginna Bell Bragg, Chopra’s personal chef. He even contributed recipes to the cookbook published by Gordon and David Simon, MD. and has been working with Dr. Bronnner’s to bring the “All One” Kitchen to festivals and events. In addition to studying the strictly culinary arts, he has studied Aryuveda, ensuring that the meals his team prepares optimally support the people he is feeding.

Chef Gage sources much of this produce from local resources, in order to support sustainable practices and community land connection. His meals are vegan and yet incredibly fulfilling, providing deep nourishment to the body.

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