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Soon: Transformational Getaways Map

Soon: Transformational Getaways Map

We have great news! We are working on an online tool to list and map transformational getaways around the world. Our goal is to promote retreats, festivals, conferences and any other location or event that promotes healing, transformation, personal growth and awakening.

We have started the development process and created a Facebook group to consolidate people and information in one place.

Click here to join this Facebook group:

We are also looking for writers that can help us review and write about locations and events – if you’re interested, please contact us.

Our intention is to launch the first version of this tool within 2-3 months, and then improve it over time. We are considering a crowd-funding campaign to support the development process.

More updates coming soon – so stay tuned!

Thank you very much for LIKING, SHARING, TWITTING and helping us spread the word!

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