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Dabney Alix

Dabney Alix

Dabney Alix is a energetic healer, teacher and spiritual business coach. Her background draw from a unique fusion of leadership development, community organizing, human health, energetic healing.

A highly intuitive, healer and visionary, she has been trained in a range of energetic healing modalities, from Reiki to Shamanic practice as well as holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology. Having spent the last decade building and refining her own healing practice, she is super passionate about supporting other emerging healers, visionaries and holistic practitioners to grow their businesses. One way she does this is by helping them develop clear and grounded marketing, so that their potential clients understand the value of their work and want to hire them. She offers classes and workshops as well as private mentoring and Reiki training in the Bay Area.

For more info, please visit her website.

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