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Eric Kingston

Eric Kingston

My name is Eric Kingston.

I began my study of Internal Meditation & Internal Martial Arts at the age of 6. I copyrighted by first book at 14. Lucky enough to have a solid upbringing, & a focused loving foundation, I utilized my time reading, studying, writing & constantly training to develop my skills, & creative abilities, to the point where I was able to assist others in achieving their lives goals. Through years of trial and error, I sifted down the complex energy systems, Chi Gong, Yoga, etc. To form a very basic, yet powerful, system of energy cultivation.

My personal goal was, & is, simple: To assist others in achieving a focused intention without spending years to achieve WHAT’S ALREADY WITHIN THEM. I do not believe any “system” can give you magic pills to instant enlightenment. What I firmly believe is that a great teacher simply opens the doors of your “being” to give YOU the OPPORTUNITY to evolve yourself. My goal is to get you to the point of self-discovery of your own nature.

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