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Finding Social Influencers and Increasing your Brand Awareness

Finding Social Influencers and Increasing your Brand Awareness

This is Vedete’s presentation from Healers Worldwide Prism Series playshop #1: How to Market Yourself & Grow Your Healing Practice through Social Media:

I want to share a quote…

“Words cast spells, that’s why it’s called spelling. Words are energy, use them wisely.”

I read this quote from a wiccan Facebook page update. I am not wiccan, yet was so compelled by this simple logic that I not only liked their page and made sure to put it in my feed so that I would not miss more simple truths, but shared the knowledge with my friends and family. What are you saying to your audience?

In the Healing Arts, money comes in from people investing in themselves. This is a difficult commitment for most. Ultimately, people want to know that the investment in themselves is worth it. For this they turn to friends, family and the example of others (social influencers) for evidence it is a good idea to invest.

We all know the value and influence of social media, and that our existing and future clientele are heavily influenced by opinion and information given and gathered on social media vehicles. What many might not know is how we can unlock the real value of social media and harness this power to grow our businesses in a credible and authentic way.

3 main strategies are commonly used to reach people via social media.

  1. Tapping into the power of the social influencer
  2. Using touchpoints such as grassroots marketing and social media vehicles, to produce media synergy
  3. Transforming Influence into a call to action – in our case, this means people financially committing to our services

Relax, We are only going to cover one of these strategies today.

So, What, or who, is a Social Influencer?

A social influencer is someone who:

  • Makes others aware of your practice
  • Helps you share important info about your practice with others
  • Provides trusted recommendations about your services
  • Increases the appeal of your brand
  • Prompts others to try you for the first time
  • Increases client loyalty to your practice

All really great things that we need in order to create a thriving business.

What is the social influencer online “Role”

Social Influencers have a significant online and social following, with a track record of consistent opinions that is objective and not influenced by outsiders. The role of the influencer is to create buzz about you, increase traffic to your site, and drive clients and business.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels have allowed influencers to extend their reach to a broader, but still targeted group of people. As we have seen, Social media can raise millions for a charity or cause international political outrage overnight. In many cases, social power has been taken from big business and placed in the hands of individual influencers.

Social media influence is not simply about how many people “liked” your Facebook page, but rather about the value obtained through the knowledge posted on that page and what they do with it. Are people sharing your content? Are they retweeting? Are they coming back for more? When people are engaged in an online conversation and feel that content relates directly to their lives and the lives of those around them, they pay close attention to the insight and expertise influencers share, because these influencers offer what is perceived to be valuable and credible information.

Forming personal relationships with the right influencers will help your message reach target clients through a trusted source. Then you get to work half as hard ☺

Your Social Influencer will have:

  • Large social circles and is active and visible online
  • Uses the internet more than once a day every day
  • Uses technology as a tool in every day life

More importantly, their friends ask their opinion before committing to financial decisions.

By leveraging their influence, you inject a trusted voice into the path to financial commitment.
Creating the platform for positive emotions to be written and shared, whether this is on facebook, youtube or a blog will begin this process. If you build it, they will come.

So how do we identify these social influencers?

Well this seminar is about Marketing Yourself, and that is exactly how you have to start.

It takes one to know one

As an individual with your own practice, you need to walk the path of becoming a social influencer yourself before you can pass the torch. And you will find, that as soon as you do the work, your torch will begin to light other torches, and others will begin to unknowingly do the work for you. Yet it is you that holds the match, and this match must be lit by you first.

If you truly want a thriving practice, you must begin to interact with the people out there. Each interaction is an opportunity to connect with potential lifelong clients and for you to shape and develop and evolve your brand name and mission. This is fun and exciting, you are connecting with people who need your services, and building your practice! It’s all about perspective ☺

This is why you will be the main communicator on your Facebook and Twitter pages for the beginning of this self-marketing strategy.
There are many questions you should be asking when you create your strategy, for example, Who are you to others online?

The next step is to obtain an apprentice, someone you will train to become an expert at your message, your practice and most importantly, you.
This person has a deep passion for your work – yet ultimately it is the passion for you that will create the first social influencer of your practice (besides you, of course). This person will commit to you and your practice under defined specific guidelines so all expectations/conditions are clear.

This is the beginning of building your social media team, which correlates exactly to the outside growth of your practice. As we all know, we can only go so far by ourselves. That is why many of us are here today. After we get to a certain point, it becomes necessary to involve others in our drive to create a thriving practice. A core team is essential to this process.

We need a videographer that is guaranteed to show at our classes/events to create rich video content for youtube, facebook and our websites. We need that social media maven that is going to rave about our session and post reviews on yelp. We need that star student that serves as a shining example of the benefits of working with us. We need that IT guy that we can call in the middle of the night to fix our site or tell us how to upload a video to youtube from our iphone in bali.

So. What is that marketing strategy, anyway?
Where is that committed team of social influencers hiding?
How do you overstand what content is engaging and will influence financial commitments to your practice?
How do you know where to present it online?
How do you integrate a grassroots marketing campaign with social media vehicles?

Healers Worldwide is here to support you in your journey.

Thank you for your time and attention, many blessings and much love!

2 Responses to “Finding Social Influencers and Increasing your Brand Awareness”

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  2. Dawn says:

    Vedete is a genius… literally. I spent one hour with her going over the description of what I do. Her patience and ability to help me voice what was jumbled up inside in a wordless blob was incredible.
    I could FEEL what I wanted to say, but lacked the words. Somehow she helped me to connect with the heart of my mission and put words to it… MY OWN WORDS… authentic and heart-centered words.
    The space she holds is such a safe place to explore, create and gain clarity, with absolutely no agenda from her other than to help your process unfold with ease, joy and confidence.
    Thank you, Vedete! <3

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