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Gemini Adams

Gemini Adams

After losing her Mom—Andrea Adams a renowned BBC journalist and pioneer against Bullying in the Workplace—to cancer at a young age, Gemini Adams, BA, MNFSH gained some rather deep and painful insights into grief and loss. . .

Wishing to re-connect with her mothers’ love, especially during birthdays and celebrations—previously joyous occasions that had become Lonely Landmarks—Gemini yearned for something to help her maintain the fading connection; perhaps a letter, a video or memento, anything that captured the affection of which her Mom had once been the source. Convinced she was not alone, she began an online survey asking: “If one of your parents died, what would you prefer: to inherit their money or a letter saying how much they loved you?”

Over 90% expressed a wish for the loving letter.

Gemini also questioned leading grief experts, while training with CRUSE—the UK’s leading bereavement care organization. Hoping to expand her expertise she began interviewing experts in these fields, while training with CRUSE—the UK’s leading Bereavement Care organization, and practicing with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.

Gemini met with, and interviewed hundreds of survivors, discovering that the desire for continuing bonds—a tangible way to connect with the love of someone we have lost—is, in fact, shared by everyone. It was this discovery, combined with a desire to reduce the suffering of others, that inspired the book, Your Legacy of Love: Realize the Gift in Goodbye

In 2006, Gemini was awarded the prestigious Winston Churchill Fellowship for her work. Subsequently she was offered a grant by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to further her research, enabling her to spend ten weeks interviewing directors of leading hospices, palliative care, and bereavement organizations across the United States, to explore The Role of Love in Palliative Care.

Then in 2008, her first book, The Top 100 Recipes for Happy Kids, which she co-wrote with nutritionist Charlotte Watts, was published by Duncan Baird. Working together with The Sacred Dying Foundation, Gemini then went on to produce the documentary A Legacy of Love. The film follows a terminally-ill cancer patient as he prepares a loving legacy for his family; a gift they will receive after his departure. It premiered at the Elevate Film Festival, where it won Audience Award for Best Short Documentary in October 2007.

Gemini Adams is a recognized grief expert and is a contributing panelist to and, she hosts workshops in her birthplace, the United Kingdom, and America, where she lives. She helps families and organizations to overcome and prepare for the challenges of loss. She is also a practicing member of the The Healing Trust.
Gemini’s passion for care and contribution has inspired her to participate in voluntary charity, community, and environmental projects around the world, with Raleigh International, The Red Cross, PoD, and Cancer Research in Africa, America, China, Poland and Peru.

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