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Groove Temple

Groove Temple

Good Morning, every day is a Blessing! For me, the “B” in Blessing comes from connecting with like-minded souls who are passionate about their purpose on our planet. Interviewing the Founders of Groove Temple, Michelle LeMay and Luis Rosario, was as sharp and fresh as an ultra-violet lightning bolt through my veins. Groove Temple Live is Michelle and Luis’s gift to the world community, a Green Elixer Juice of Wellness that deliciously harnesses the healing powers of music, dance, fitness, yoga, meditation and technology, with the intention to inspire millions of people to happier, healthier, stress free and creative living. Sound like something you’d like to have a glass of? Read on…

“It’s a Dance-Transformational Experience!!!” -Michelle LeMay, Co-Founder of Groove Temple

Good Morning Michelle and Luis! I hear you have recently formed an alliance with Healers Worldwide in preparation for The First Osher Gathering, a celebration of healing, gratitude and awakening, coming up this May 11th, 2013. What is your role in this event?

Groove Temple Live will be the Osher Gathering Music Maestros, creating the vibe and facilitating music and dance throughout the evening into the night. We will host a special conscious dance experience influenced by the dance section of Groove Temple Live, holding a loving, comfortable, non-judgmental space where all feel free to release, let go, connect on a soul level and dance to the highest vibration possible!

What is the mission and vision of the deliciously named Groove Temple?

The Groove Temple mission is to inspire millions of people to happier, healthier, stress free and creative living through the power of health, music, dance, fitness, yoga, meditation and technology.

Groove Temple is the manifestation of 30-50 years of Michelle’s experience: living and studying healthy lifestyle ~working with thousands of people thru workshops, classes and one on ones, along with her media background and Luis’s experience and passion with the techy side of media, music and technology.

Groove Temple began as a series of events that integrate electronic music with freestyle dance, yoga, stretching and meditation, but we quickly realized it was so much more. We wanted to be able to inspire people all over the world, which is why we created GrooveTemple.TV. GrooveTemple.TV has given me the opportunity to weave all my favorite healing modalities together under one roof.

Groove Temple teaches interconnectivity by creating a way for everyone – even those not physically present – to interface at an event. The vision is to affect people and transmute healing in a fun way (through yoga, dance, etc) on a global scale. is a multimedia social platform, complete with Live Streaming Meditations, videos, articles and podcasts that make “Groove Temple Live” accessible for anyone, anywhere, and stands as a way for people to interact online and offline in the pursuit of healthy living and wellness.

We strive to educate and penetrate the individual – many have never experienced a transformational workout so powerful before. We bridge the gap between the people who are tech savvy and not so connected with spiritual and holistic living and visa versa, serving both sides of the spectrum. Where we stand, money should never be the obstacle in reaching one’s health and wellness goals, and we offer low income options to our community so that all can participate in this transformational healing journey!

Now that we have our relations clearly defined, please share with us about yourSelves and how you came to be Groove Temple in the present moment…

I wear many hats, as a dancer, DJ, fitness expert, yogini, author, host, teacher and meditation guide. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling the world educating teachers, and am honored to say I have taught in 36 different countries. My passion is to teach teachers to create a loving, comforting space so that their students can express themselves to the fullest.

I have always used dance-journeys as a way of self-healing, and had a vision of teaching the healing side of dance to my students and community, moving away from standard choreography into a more heart-centered place. So I created “Underground Yoga Dance”, which weaves Mental, Physical and Spiritual tools into a conscious dance methodology unlike any other.

I am a trendsetter, and was a pioneer in the cardio-dance, as well as, the softer forms of exercise movements, and I feel this conscious dance movement is one of the next movement trends, and I’m happy to be one of the forces spreading this beautiful way of healing! I have always been a dancer, but in the 80’s I got swept up into the Aerobic world after winning the first National Aerobics Championship. I fell into a love affair with the energy and fitness benefits of aerobics, but missed the heart and soul of dance, so I merged the two and pioneered the cardio hip hop/ cardio dance movement traveling the world with NIKE and promoting my vision of bringing heart and soul into fitness thru videos and television. In the early 90’s I saw the need for balance and created my yoga/stretch technique spreading the balance with my Book published by Putnam, “Essential Stretch”, the spirit flow, dance inspired yoga video series and workshops for Instructors worldwide. I am very lucky to be able to spread my passions and be able to say that my methodology has changed the way people view healthy and holistic living on a global scale.

I am a jack of all trades. I began with a technology and science background, studying engineering at Boston University where I had an epiphany that I needed to pursue music as a life path which led to pursuing a career as an Audio Engineer for the past decade in the tv/film industry. I am a DJ & Music Producer. My love for music runs very deep. I had been mixing electronic music since the early 1990’s and have been releasing tracks on a few independent dance labels since the early 2000’s.
I had been pushing towards finding something that combined music and technology that provided inspiration and joy for people. Life led me to meeting Michelle and we immediately clicked.

Rooting from Brooklyn, New York, I experienced life in a different glass. I have learned a lot in the process and strive to make a difference in this world through different forms of ‘education’.

With Groove Temple Live, Michelle and I have the opportunity to affect people on a grand scale. We both strive for the same goals; to harness technology in a way that helps not hurts, and utilize this ever growing and evolving machine of knowledge for positive purpose! We are both students of philosophy, loving Physics and Science, and we both possess a strong creative edge. Our partnership is an ever evolving – and interesting – mixture of technology and creativity!

What are your thoughts about Healers Worldwide?

I really felt the vision coming thru Ilan when we first met and connected. We love the fact that we are collaborating on this strong and important mission – world peace is the goal and is in complete alignment with the Groove Temple vision of co-creating peace through world interconnectivity. We have always known that we can’t do it on our own – collaboration is the key and Groove Temple is excited to partner with Healers Worldwide with Osher Gathering and in future events.
We as individuals and as groups need to come together and make the world a better place. We must give whatever we can and utilize whatever our talents offer, to make world peace a reality.

28-DAY GROOVE: A healthy lifestyle practice that Inspires & Educates people to live a creative & stress-free lifestyle. Reach new positive and spiritual heights with your friends, family and community by doing the same practice together all month!
GROOVE TEMPLE LIVE – every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 235 Hill St., Santa Monica, 90404
THE 432 hz LOUNGE – Live Streaming Meditation – 2nd and 4th Sunday evenings at
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