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Guru Singh

Guru Singh

Dr. Guru Singh DD, MSS is a yogi and teacher, a musician, composer, and author; he is a Minister of Sikh Dharma with a Doctoral of Divinity, but most importantly — to him — he is a family man and human being. With a base in Los Angeles, Seattle, and India, Guru Singh teaches throughout the world with his wife Guruperkarma Kaur. Together they have two children, a son born in 1977 and a daughter born in 1983.

Members of Guru Singh’s family bloodline lived in India in the early 20th Century. His Great-Aunt met Paramahansa Yogananda — the first Yogi to teach in America — in Calcutta in 1916. Paramahansa authored ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ (Several million copies have sold in nineteen languages and it’s been a best-seller for fifty consecutive years in print). She traveled with this spiritual master from India to America in 1919, and studied and served with him until his passing in 1952.

Guru Singh was born in Seattle in 1945 into this yogic — spiritual household. His father, a fine artist, was the son of an original member of Christian Science. His mother, a musician, was a student of the mysticism of India and Tibet. Through this birth family, Yogananda became Guru Singh’s first teacher . . . setting the foundation of a spiritual life from the age of five with Krya Yoga. In January of 1969, Guru Singh (then 23) met and began a 35 year daily practice with the master of Kundalini Yoga — Yogi Bhajan. Guru Singh — the first Westerner to wear the turban — began accompanying Yogi Bhajan as he taught at Universities, lecture halls, spiritual centers and Sikh Gurudwaras around the world.

Guru Singh also studied music from the age of five and while later attending the University of Washington he began performing as a singer-songwriter in local clubs. In early 1966 Warner Bros. Records heard his music, which was focused on peace in a time of war and the challenges of honoring real life — much like today — in a time of superficiality. They immediately signed him to a recording contract and moved him to San Francisco. Once there he joined his new friends Janis, Jerry, and others, who were all just beginning their paths to stardom.

His songs were soon on the radio and TV nationwide, but a voice against the war in Vietnam did not sit well with an ‘establishment’ determined to wage it. In late 1967, as pressure against an early peace movement mounted, Guru Singh shifted focus, moving from San Francisco to southern Mexico where he spent the next year training with maraakame masters (shaman) in an ancient form of musical healing. This took place in a mountainous community isolated from the outside world. The experiences are the subject of a book by Linda Sivertsen titled ‘Lives Charmed’ and a yet to be published book by Guru Singh titled ‘Buried Treasures’.

Never giving up his musical roots, he today employs healing music in all of his teaching. He has recorded many albums/CD’s of mantras and spiritual songs — one – ‘A Game of Chants’ with his friend and Grammy winner Seal and another – ‘Chantz 2 iMPAct Earth’ with the students from his school (MPA) in India. Guru Singh’s music is a fusion of all the influences he has experienced in life from the eastern-meta-sciences of mantra and raga to the western rock and the indigenous rhythms. As a writer and musician, he has several projects underway at all times.

Guru Singh’s spiritual teaching grew from two extraordinary events: an esoteric curiosity inspired — since birth — by his family’s deep connection to the masters of India; and the blessing of being ready when these teachers appeared. It ultimately constructed his own teaching style — a fusion of the eastern-mystic-spiritualism, and enough western pragmatism to be completely relevant. This is how he has taught — a path of personal awakening, enriched fulfillment, and spiritual liberation — to tens of thousands of people globally since 1970.

As Guru Singh says, “Our children are our most natural resource and education will prepare them for their future — or not. At the present time we educate children in a style developed one hundred years ago by the minds of the industrial revolution. Because of the shrinking size of this planet, we now need to create people who relate to one another without competing with each other. We must teach children to truly know they are created in the image of God, not struggle with images they compete to be.”

Guru Singh is one of the Founding Directors of the Miri Piri Academy — an international primary and secondary school in Amritsar, India. Here, students from all over the world aspire to become leading global-citizens, learning from a spiritual focus, and an academic curriculum taught without bias. Sopurkh Singh, their son, after graduating from the University of Southern California, taught at Miri Piri Academy for three years. Their daughter Hari Purkh Kaur graduated from Miri Piri Academy and then went on to graduate from the University of Oregon.

Guru Singh works with clients in Los Angeles. His counseling practice restores the natural human physical, mental and emotional harmonies through meditating with applied sound. Using an extensive background in music, Guru Singh worked with what he learned in Mexico and Sahaj Shabd Therapy taught to him by Yogi Bhajan. With these he developed a modern version of ancient transformational sciences.

There are twenty five million Sikhs globally; as chairman of the International Council of Sikh Ministers, Guru Singh has worked with spiritual and religious leaders of nearly every faith to connect all communities around the world. Guru Singh is also on the boards of several fast growth corporations — transforming today’s world of education, high technology, advertising, publishing and community building.

There are many projects on the current horizon — Web presence; an SMS Guru Singh “Daily Blessing” campaign; more work with the Dalai Lama and the Seeds of Compassion campaign; several books, DVD’s, and CD’s; an extensive medical study on meditation & prayer and the brain with Dr. Andrew Newberg of the University of Pennsylvania School of Neuro-medicine; and a variety of pilots and documentaries for television . . . all these components connect the over-arching vision and mission — reaching humanity and teaching globally.

For more information, visit Guru Singh’s website.

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