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Guy Douglas

Guy Douglas

I met Guy at LIB this last weekend and had an exhilarating experience in his “gong chair”. I spent about 5 minutes surrounded by vibrating gongs of various sizes. I closed my eyes and when I came back it felt like I was gone for a few hours. When I asked him what’s the science behind it, Guy said he’s not sure, but he knows it works. He said the “gong chair” does to the body’s energy field something similar to what a carwash machine does to a car.

Guy Douglas first discovered the power of vibration in the winter of 2005 at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York City. Guy met Dave Chambers of the Himalayan Voices, who performed vibrational sound massages at entheocentric salons. Guy laid down on the floor of the chapel surrounded by singing bowls and gongs, and after 15 minutes he was shocked by the calming power of these ancient instruments and ancient sound. His life was changed forever; he discovered the humbling power of vibrational alchemy and its effects on his entire “being.” For weeks after, he continued to feel and hear the sound of the instruments and felt that they were calling out to him. Within a month, Guy purchased 24 singing bowls and a wind gong.

After enjoying the benefits of the energy of these instruments during the next few years, he befriended his current partners, Jim Wenzel III, and Owen James. Once Jim and Owen experienced the power of vibration, the three decided to purchase two planetary gongs tuned to the vibrational frequency of the Sun and the Earth and create the group, The Conduit.

In the summer of 2008, The Conduit embarked on a journey of vibrational alchemy providing soundscapes to the masses and using what they called a “gong chair.” After attending many large music festivals and gonging 2,500+ individuals, they realized through all the positive feedback from all the people they’d encountered that many had received a sense of healing comfort from the gongs and their “sounds of creation.” Many had profound experiences and shed tears of joy from the everlasting vibration of peace and tranquility of the ancient sounds of the gongs.

At the end of the summer, they brought the gong chair to the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors where it had all begun, coming full circle. Upon their return home, they had decided to plan a gong tour, giving this gift of vibration to all who would accept and asking for nothing in return. Over the following two weeks, they recruited two more like-minded and enthusiastic individuals to the group, Regina Karigan-Winter and Emily Wallis.

The Conduit’s goal is to find stewards in every major U.S. city and to leave gongs with them, so that they may continue giving this gift to their community. Their mission is to gong the planet.

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