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Healers.LA Is Now Healers Worldwide

Healers.LA Is Now Healers Worldwide

Since the first conversation I had about my vision for this journey, I’ve been asked again and again the same question: Why LA? Why limit this website to a single geographic location?

Los Angeles was the place I called home for the last 10 years. It is, on many levels, a melting pot for some of the most creative, inspiring and gifted healers and visionaries on Earth.

After years of roaming, Los Angeles was where my tortured unconscious yearning for answers finally transformed into a powerfully chosen journey of healing and transformation. In LA I met incredible people and experienced miracles first-hand. It was where I had my rite of passage and became the man I am today.

The real reason, however, was that I chose to start small. I chose to start with the people and the places I was familiar with. I didn’t want to get too far out of my comfort zone.

Now, almost a year later, I am ready to embrace a bigger vision. Over this last year, I have consciously manifested mind-expanding, heart-opening and awareness-shifting experiences. I have repeatedly immersed myself in strange, enchanted environments and connected with enlightened communities that felt like Home for a while. I have joined hands and hearts with wizards, sorcerers, goddesses, muses, prophets and spiritual leaders.

I am now beginning to understand my own interpretation of the distinction “Healer” and its significance in the global transformation we are now experiencing.

“Healers” are people who elevate the people, places and situations around them.

We all have that ability inside us – artist, lawyers, carpenters and software engineers – to align ourselves with who we are and generate love and light where ever we go. Healers are those among us who are able to silence the noise, deflect the distractions, put aside the excuses and fully be who they really are.

This year, 2012, for the first time in the history of mankind, we have the opportunity to reach a critical mass of Healers Worldwide and transform the entire planet.

How exciting!!

One Response to “Healers.LA Is Now Healers Worldwide”

  1. I relate to you~
    I love your definition of healer.
    Thank you for being and doing the work that you are doing.

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