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Healers Worldwide Oneness Council

Healers Worldwide Oneness Council

Over the last year or so since we launched, we have developed a meeting format we like to call “Healers Worldwide Oneness Council”. We will explore this format further in our upcoming Journey in California.

Oneness Council is a 2-4 hour long “spiritual strategy planning meeting” specifically designed to free our minds, expand our consciousness, and co-create the global Network that is needed for the global transformation we’d like to see in the world.

The Council connects Healers from a local community with Healers from different backgrounds, cultures, modalities and geographical areas. It explores different themes that elevate our individual Consciousness and cross-pollinate the Network with cutting-edge ideas and information that are downloaded into the Collective Consciousness by exploring questions like “What does this community need from the Network?” and “What can this community contribute to the Network?”

From the 4 elements perspective, the Oneness Council leverages the elemental shift from Water element to Air element. As the supply of the Air element is growing, we have been slowly shifting from making choices from our higher emotions (“Let’s love each other and build a new world where we can all live in harmony”) to making choices from our higher mind (“Let’s understand how things work and build a world that works for everybody”).

The specific format may vary, depending on the location and the Healers that are present. A typical Council look something like this:

  • Opening meditation / ceremony
  • Setting intentions
  • Short introductions by all
  • Facilitated discussion to identify the highest common denominator of the group – so that we can be elevated as group
  • Sharing visions, insights and information to better understand the Network we are creating
  • Declarations & commitments – so that we can manifest our vision of Oneness through  action
  • Closing meditation / ceremony – to seal our work
  • Hangout / networking

A Oneness Council is a co-creation. While some parts of the Council are structured and facilitated, other parts are co-created by the Healers who are present and share their gifts with the group.

Care to join our Journey?

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