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Healers Worldwide Partners with to Promote Transformational Getaways

Healers Worldwide Partners with to Promote Transformational Getaways

Following our partnership announcement with, we are ecstatic to announce another partnership, this time with Retreat Network (

The mission of Retreat Network is to reach the mainstream and provide meaningful alternatives to vacations and other getaways now offered by the travel and hospitality industry.
 We aim to exponentially increase the number of people who consciously and intentionally seek a vacation or a getaway that elevate their body, mind & spirit, while at the same time create channels through which money can flow to Healers and Lightworkers and support their work.

We believe that leaving our daily routine behind for a few days, and taking time to be with ourselves, to heal and elevate our body, mind and spirit, is an essential component of our wellbeing and spiritual growth. There are so many options, and Retreat Network makes it easy to find the transformational getaway that fits you best.

We plan to introduce a sophisticated search engine that let’s you find exactly what you seek, based on location, dates, areas of interest, budget, previous choices and even what your friends recommend. was launched a month ago, and already offers a wide variety of programs and events. Listing your retreat, gathering, workshop, conference or festival is simple, free, and only takes a few minutes.

List Your Event / Program Free

We are continuing to weave the global network of people, places, events, products and services that elevate people, places and situations. By partnering with services such as and, we are not only enhancing their individual contribution, we are exponentially accelerating their positive impact on the global transformation now taking place around the world.

This partnership is another step on our path to realizing our vision – a critical mass of people who are awake, connected and at peace with themselves. When we reach this critical mass, we’ll be able to make the individual, collective and global choices that will heal our planet and launch humanity into the next phase of its evolution.

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