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Healers Worldwide Presents The Prism Series

Healers Worldwide Presents The Prism Series

Our first Healers Worldwide Prism Series playshop, “How to Market Yourself & Grow Your Healing Practice through Social Media”, was a blessed success!

Over 40 Practitioners of the Healing Arts, from Energy Workers to Yogis to Artists, gathered in the sacred space of Gaia Sangha Eco-Community on the evening of Tuesday, January 22nd, for a free session with business and marketing veterans Ilan Mandel and Sabrina Vedete, on the subjects that mattered to them most – how to organically grow their personal practice, gain clientele and move past personal blockages through social media strategy and technique. Special guest speaker Michael Brian Baker, internationally acclaimed Healer and founder of The Breath Center completed the panel, speaking from the heart with practical knowledge and testimonials from his experiences on the social media methods that have elevated and uplifted his own personal practice.

Cinematographer Jon Nash shot and edited this video for you:

The evening officially began by a group meditation led by Namid Marie Dillon, calling in the angels to sit with us in the cozy living room. An interactive hour and a half of Communication followed, covering topics: Finding Social Influencers and Increasing your Brand Awareness, Holistic Business Planning & Strategy and Remembering Who You Are, led by Vedete, Ilan and Michael respectively. A question & answer session was held where all present had the opportunity to voice the specific issues they were dealing with and had the rare opportunity to receive free professional and personal coaching around them.

Opening Meditation By Namid

Opening Meditation By Namid

Here’s what people had to say about the event:

Wow, what an awesome night thank you so much for the people who put this together and for everyone for coming out. I look forward to connecting more in the future!
Chris Brown
A group of high energy pieces getting together and meditating on a common goal is a very powerful beginning for a very powerful change, there is a lot of fuel and it seems we have plenty of flint to get sparks flying and really get this fire of peace roaring!
Brinnin Broski
It was a blessing sharing space with you all and allowing ourselves to express and be vulnerable, which results in being simply Awesome! I look forward to our next gathering!
Namid Marie
Ilan Mandel Presenting Healers Worldwide's Vision

Ilan Mandel Presenting Healers Worldwide’s Vision

Here are some Facebook tips that were shared:

  • When you ask people to LIKE and SHARE they are 12 times more likely to do so
  • Wednesday is the worst day of the week to advertise on Facebook, while Saturday and Sunday are the best
  • Users are most likely to engage with posts in the evening and early morning – posts published between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. receive 14 percent higher interaction than those published between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m
  • Posts with more than 80 characters receive 23 percent less interaction
  • Posts with questions generate 92 percent higher comment rates than non-question posts
  • Posts that contain emoticons receive 52 percent higher interaction rates
Vedete Speaking About Social Media Influencers

Vedete Speaking About Social Media Influencers

Videographer Jon Nash recorded poignant moments as guests were greeted at the door with warm smiles, serenaded by the deep and passionate rhythms of acclaimed Flamenco Guitarist Rouzbeh Hoshmandy.

Sarah “Chef” Brewer presented her raw vegan cuisine, Cesar Salad Tacos and Brownie Bites that melted in our mouths. Hearty and homemade Indian Soul food was served up to the delight of all tastebuds. As guests ate and enjoyed the live music, much meeting, greeting, networking and business card trading was going on! Many practitioners commented on their joy in finding out where their healing community was hiding, expressing their need for a place to meet others like themselves and their long desired dreams of a community support system. Healers Worldwide says – look no further.

Michael Brian Baker Sharing His Experience

Michael Brian Baker Sharing His Experience

Here are some more testimonials:

THANK YOU for creating such a wonderful event!
Andrew Rasmussen
Thank you for all the love you gave it was truly beautiful!
Jannette Marie Herring
Tonight was indeed awesome to gather with such an amazing powerful group of healers, build community, creating change! Thank you so much!
Jennifer Aronson

All participants walked away with new friends, potential partners and intimate knowledge of how to market themselves and grow their personal practices. One raffle winner even walked away with a brand new Thrive Documentary DVD! Networking continued late into the evening, as guests lingered in the comforting space of Gaia Sangha.

The mission of Healers Worldwide is to support and empower practitioners of the Healing Arts through personal and professional consultation, business playshops and networking events. We work with Healers from all over the world to align their business with their intention, to support their personal and professional growth, to provide business strategy and to eliminate limiting beliefs.

PS – We call is The Prism Series because these events are designed to unleash the full spectrum of Light that’s coming through us.

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