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CLAUDIA “iX-CheL” is a visionary embodiment artist, tantricka, record- breaking athlete, and formerly a Nike sponsored elite racing team runner. Deeply connected to her emotional body and hyper sensitive to the divine universal feminine energies, iX-CheL teaches and empowers women to be womb-men.

Women in tune with the wisdom and sensitivity of her own womb. Through experiential rituals synced with the moon cycle, IX-Chel reminds women about the importance of offering their menstrual medicine back to Mother Earth to root, support, and ground her unique expression in the world, and call in more harmony to herself and those around her. A sacred ritual forgotten and lost gift in the midst of feminine suppression, IX-CheL also believes in inspiring and activating wombmen through their own sensuality, having them come alive to the dance of their own radiant, brilliant, secure divine embodied-bodies.

iX-Chel is a medicine woman; an experiential research model, empowerment coach, producer, director, dancer and visionary artist shifting paradigms on a daily basis.

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