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Jackie Misino

Jackie Misino

I Jackie Misino, AM a claircognizant LOVE activist, motivator, spiritual healer and Reiki Master teacher, and personal confidant. My passion since childhood has been to bring joy, peace, self-acceptance and unconditional Love to others. As I grew older my love for helping the world and my spiritual guides, guided me to use my intuitive gifts to help others find success, find their own path to their own lives purpose, heal emotional or mental scars from their past for an abundant future, and allow enjoyment and delight in choices while surrendering to the experiences.

Having the power to heal, manifest and control our own bodies and lives is priceless. WE ALL have the power and knowledge inside of us. With loving supportive guidance we can all learn to lead and control our futures, heal the past, and enjoy today. I provide guidance based on my experiences, formal education, but mostly naturally and spirit guided teachings. My journey began when I was three years old, my mothers realized I was claircognizant when I began to expressed eccentric believes and understanding of our world. In Guatemala, my GrandMama Martha would share with us extraordinary stories and holistic home remedies passed down from her Mama and local shamans. My Mom Sandra, a very intuitive, precognitive and powerful manifestor allowed me to explore, manifest, express myself and unconditionally supported me. I recently acquired specialized teachings from Mayan Spiritual Leader Ac Tah, Spirit Mayan Ancestors from The Moon Pyramid in Teotihuacán, Mexico, and Reiki training from spiritual educator and medium, Gail Thackray. And have continuous guidance from many spiritual guides, not limited to, my past life Native American Father and Master guides from the Usui Reiki lineage.

We are here to give tools, formal training, guidance and support to aid in your own lives journey and endeavors. As I’ve found in my own journey and those of my friends, each of our paths will be different, our experiences will be different, and as we continue to grow and develop at our own pace, we will also receive different guides to help us through the different stages of our lives and spiritual journey. We will be enlightened, loved, serene, at peace, joy and abundant.

It’s a joy providing energetic, spiritual and life guidance to children and adults. My life partner and I, provide successful couple guidance, public or private sensual and sexual healing energy exchange and expansion workshops to heal and reconnect the individuals involved in the relationship, provide skills to support better communication and understanding and aid in acceptance of each other’s individuality. We also offer support and personal guidance to couples attempting to explore alternative life styles more suitable for their relationship. I also provide in-person or distance Reiki healing and teaching services which includes manifesting, skin cell rejuvenation, Reiki DNA regeneration and reprograming, and Psychic and Healing attunements.

We are here to serve, to help YOU ALL reach your individual full lives potential through understanding, education, love, compassion, acceptance, support and respect. We are excited to meet you. Until then, Please take care of yourselves and each other. Namaste

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One Response to “Jackie Misino”

  1. Becky N. says:

    I went to Jackie last week with my friend. We both instantly felt better after visiting her especially me. I have been struggling with a difficult separation heading towards divorce and Jackie’s spiritual guidance gave me a lot of clarity on my anger. I went from waking up anger and bitter to feeling like myself again and full of life. Anytime during the day when negative thoughts reenter my head I remember Jackie’s powerful words and my anger is subdued. Honestly I was skeptical about going to do Reiki to cure my internal anger issues regarding my divorce but now I am a true believer and highly recommend Jackie. If you don’t believe in her spiritual healing meet with her just to hear her insightful view of the world and life. Life is really short – we shouldn’t waste it on stress and anger but love and peace as Jackie has shown me. I truly feel like I have forgiven those who have hurt me so I can have peace with myself and none of this would have been without Jackie’s help. No therapist, psychiatrist, self help book, medication…tried them all and Jackie’s method is what cured me of my misery!

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