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Jak Noble

Jak Noble


Jak’s approach to healing comes from a deep understanding of the Tao, the interplay of energy that connects all things. Meditations and Chi Kung practices have instilled an awareness in him that he brings to Chi Nei Tsang sessions.

An ancient technique combining Chi and Touch, Chi Nei Tsang is focused and directed to the abdomen. Energy and awareness, combined with Jak’s gentle listening touch, provide an opportunity for the release of tensions.

Emotional charges reside within the abdomen. Revealing the existence of these charges increases the conscious-subconscious connection. During treatments a healing environment is created so that these charges can be observed, acknowledged, and released.

Balancing the digestive system has profound effects on the entire being. Physical and mental wellness, as well as emotional and spiritual awareness are enhanced through Chi Nei Tsang.

Jak Noble is a Global Body (Level III) Certified Practitioner of Taoist Healing Energetics (Chi Nei Tsang Institute). His practice is located in Berkeley CA.

For more info, please visit his website.

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