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Jenna Grayson

Jenna Grayson

My name is Jenna Grayson, I serve professional women who struggle with anxiety, pain and limiting beliefs in relationship with themselves or their primary partner. I use techniques of hypnotherapy and energy healing to access your subconscious mind and release limiting beliefs and fears so you can experience enjoyable and fulfilling relationships.

Are you looking for some support in having clarity and fulfillment in your relationship with yourself or with your partner? Are you feeling anxious, conflicted or confused and hoping to gain some grace and ease, confidence and clarity? There are solutions available to you that most of us were never taught growing up. If you don’t have the solution yet, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault.

You may be looking to change a habit or behavior that you have found yourself feeling stuck in, or feeling overwhelmed in a situation you don’t know how to improve on your own. This is common. Now is a powerful time for change on the planet. Hypnotherapy offers the opportunity to access the wisdom of the subconscious mind where limiting, often painful beliefs and other difficulties were first planted. This creates not only a relief from symptoms but a release of the cause of the difficulty. In this way, your situation can improve quickly and gracefully.

Perhaps you have utilized ordinary allopathic treatments and require a broader spectrum of support. I offer energy healing for a more ‘whole-istic’ and integrative approach that includes the whole of who you are. More specifically, Healing Touch is a form of energy healing that addresses the physical body as well as the mind, emotions, and spirit. It is restorative, balancing, and clearing. This work creates an experience of deep relaxation that is often described as a spiritual experience where a broader, more complete experience of oneself is known.

For more information, please visit her website.

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