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Joad Puttermilech

Joad Puttermilech

My name is Joad Puttermilech, Founder of the American branch of the International Sujok Association (ISA), dedicated to spread SuJok, Twist Therapy and Smile Meditation developed by Professor Park Jae Woo, appointed By Dr. Park Minchul President of ISA. I have studied, practiced and taught Sujok, reflex therapies and acupuncture in many parts of the World since 1996.

Prof. Park Jae Woo research resulting in SuJok, Twist Therapy and Smile Meditation are the most powerful healing modalities, known to this day that I have witnessed. Safe and instantly effective they bring great relief, often cure ailments and help mankind regain wellbeing.

I invite and welcome you to join our community of the SuJok family. Your health is in your hands: “Treat yourselves!” is our say. Our goal is to have a SuJok doctor in every family and bring more health, dignity and consciousness to the people by their own hand.

For more info about Sujok, please visit this website.

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