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Laura LeDoux

Laura LeDoux

Laura is a Reiki Master Teacher and Reflexologist, and she uses Higher Self Resonance Therapy and other healing modalities to help her clients heal, naturally – physically, spiritually and emotionally. She spent over a decade practicing law in New Orleans and Chicago, until she became very ill. Laura was already treating herself with essential oils and natural remedies, when, after 2 years of doctors and tests, she discovered that she had toxic mold in her home. THE MOLD was the source of her illness.

After healing herself with natural remedies, Laura was inspired to combine her legal talents with a career in healing. She assists her clients with healing their bodies, minds, spirits and legal disputes as well as assisting them with “conscious contracting.”

To contact Laura and for more information, please visit her website.

To find out where she is, visit the Healers Map.

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