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LIB in 2

LIB in 2

In two days I’ll be leaving LA and spending 3 days at the Lightning in a Bottle festival. I’m very excited.

I will get to spend quality time with my daughter, and I will get to camp with my best friend. There will be music, and yoga and beautiful people that I will enjoy connecting with.

One of these people is Rabia Hayek. Rabia is the President and key visionary behind Do As One. In meditation late one night in October 2006, Rabia had the vision for one billion people to breathe together simultaneously. He has studied conscious breathing around the world and has delved into the ancient yogic art of pranayama with the masterful instruction of Dr. Acharya Yogeesh. A Webster University degreed singer and composer, Rabia has taught professionally for over a decade. In workshops, conferences, expos and other engagements, Rabia enlivens crowds as a dynamic and inspiring speaker. He is widely regarded as a leading expert on breathing, specifically for using the breath as a tool for wellness and oneness. “Celebrate the breath and you are celebrating oneness” is his motto.

I met Rabia a few years ago at a weekend seminar of MITT. During one of the more intense exercises, we shared a powerful moment and an unspoken yet undeniable bond was created. I haven’t seen him in years and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with him and with Jenna, his partner.

I’m also looking forward to reconnecting with Keval and Bhagvant from the Bliss Bar. They are such good people and for some reason when I’m around them I feel good about myself. They have this elevating energy around them.

I’m open to the possibilities and embrace whatever comes. LIB here we come.

BTW – for the occasion I’ve printed some business cards:

2 Responses to “LIB in 2”

  1. Karen says:

    Breathing properly and meditating (and the effect that focused meditation and breathing can have) are things I have just begun to practice, and already it’s made me feel better about life in general (and myself). I dig it. I look forward to hearing more about LIB.

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