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Lightning in a Bottle 2011

Lightning in a Bottle 2011

 I spent the last three days in a magical world full of music, love and positive vibrations. I feel immensely blessed for having the opportunity to attend LIB this year for the first time, and I feel twice as blessed for being able to share this experience with my daughter.

Keval & Bhagvant’s Bliss Bar was absolutely inspiring. So much love and meaning was put into setting up a beautifully designed lounge with a bar and a stage and a mini-yoga-like area. It was a sanctuary I felt drawn to every time I got over stimulated by the audio-visual avalanche of individualistic expression and overflowing creativity.

It was there I ran into Rabia Hayek & Jenna Grayson, his partner. I haven’t seen them in years and I was hoping to have the chance to connect with them in LIB. We had only a few minutes before the workshop started, and within seconds we dived into a conversation about “Tikkun”, which is the Kabbalistic term for soul correction, and about the difference between spirit and soul. I was able to share my thoughts with them in a very concise way, since only a few hours ago I was asked the exact same question by somebody else.

I’ll just briefly share with you my understanding of these terms: “Spirit” is the life force that animates a collection of live cells and turns them into a living, breathing life form. “Soul” is a spark of the divine that occupies our physical bodies during our time here on Earth. Animals have only Spirit, human beings have both Spirit and Soul. Soul, unlike Spirit, while in its physical form, has the ability to exercise free will, make choices and grow through these choices.

The workshop that started as soon as I finished sharing my point of view, was “Conscious Partnership” by Aykanna. I met Pauline Sukhdev Drossart a few years ago on what seemed at the time like just another hike in the hills above Malibu. We shared a powerful conversation then, and even though we haven’t seen each other since, we both remembered each other instantly. It was inspiring to see how much she has grown since, and how beautiful and conscious her partnership is with Akahdahmah, her husband. That hike, by the way, was far from being “just another hike”. For me, it was a stepping stone for accelerating my process of healing and growth. I had powerful experiences during and after that hike, and I met several extraordinary people there who impacted my life in different ways. One of these people is Max Simon, the extremely talented son of David Simon M.D., co-founder of the world-renowned Chopra Center for Well-Being, best selling author, and renowned physician, and Julia Simon, a 40+ year Transcendental Meditation Teacher. Gemini Adams was another bright soul I met on that hike, as well as Mateo J. Daniel, who recently moved to Texas.

Over the weekend I also met briefly with Rehmannia Dean Thomas and witnessed his work, and got my aura cleansed by Guy Douglas‘s Gong. At some point we ran into the brilliant Liana Bandziulis who took the picture on the right. I also witnessed for the first time one of my best friends generate with his bare hands an energy ball that opens peoples hearts and move them to tears within seconds and without saying a word. Incredible.

It’s getting close to 1am and I slept very little during the last 3 days, so at this point I’ll just say that this weekend was inspiring, deep and powerful on many levels. I got to spend quality time with my daughter, I got to connect with incredible people, I got to experience love, beauty, acceptance and transformational healing, and I got to re-connect with people I haven’t seen in a very long time.

I was deeply moved by this experience and I am incredibly grateful for it.

The beautiful photo below was taken by my friend Danna Kinsky – thank you Danna for allowing me to post it here.

4 Responses to “Lightning in a Bottle 2011”

  1. BodhiBlues says:

    Wish I could have joined you brother! Very glad you went and had such a great experience.

  2. danna kinsky says:

    wow !
    sounds amazing. we were at the same place at the same time…
    my experience was way different… but we were only there for 28 hours or so. it was super fun. so… going to burning man this year ?

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