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Magenta is an artist, shamanic healer, and director of Evolver Bay Area. She designed and curates an urban consciousness festival called HiveMind, which builds local resilient community by bringing people together around the convergence of permaculture, alternative economy, technology, visionary arts and healing. She is helping create a network of permaculture villages throughout North and South America, to facilitate healing the planetary soil and our collective soul. Magenta is a vocalist, illustrator, and designs clothing using recycled materials. She trains people in psychic energy healing and shamanic journeywork, bridging new age vocabulary with data from cognitive science and neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and the physics of light and electromagnetism. An octopus polymath dedicated to the evolution of consciousness and building sustainable culture. Check out her work at

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Magenta grew up on a farm in rural Montana and spent her childhood wandering around the hills immersed in the language and patterns of nature. Thankful to have found her way to the land of freaks and edge-walking geniuses in the Bay Area, Magenta shares leadership and wisdom through the arts.

As the director of Evolver Bay Area, Magenta has designed an urban forum and visionary arts party to cross-pollinate community groups and inspire collective hands-on action. She has served as editor and curator for Aorta Magazine, a magazine for female and trans-identified radical political artists. She’s also doing her part to weave together a network of ecovillages throughout the west coast and South America, that can serve as permanent oases and urban/rural exchange programs for people looking to heal themselves and the Earth.

Her art references the indigenous pattern traditions of Shipibo, Huichol, Islamic, and Celtic peoples. Weaving together geometry, animals, and color, she seeks to make art objects that are palpably alive. She believes in art as medicine, and clothing as mobile art. Magenta’s music takes two directions – wild creature channeling, from bird sounds to gutteral throat singing to roaring and sighing – and poems with lullaby melodies, about healing and freedom. She always encourages people to sing along, whether performing or walking down the street.

Magenta is profoundly synesthetic, meaning she “sees” sounds, hears colors, and feels words. She naturally sees the “other worlds” that people perceieve on psychedelics, as a baseline state of awareness – the doors to the realms of trance always open. This is the muse, this is the seer, this is the poet mystic.

Magenta reminds people they have access to this awareness and can open to a transparent channel. In addition to teaching hands-on arts skills, she trains people in psychic energy healing and shamanic journeywork, bridging new age vocabulary with research from cognitive and neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and the physics of light and electromagnetism.

A voracious and psychic researcher, her interests span cell biology, water and soil ecology, indigenous wisdom, alternative city planning, sustainable building techniques and all things permaculture, free energy and magnetism, “ascension”, genetics, aforementioned physics and AI topics, comparative aesthetics, materials science, depth psychology, neuroscience and biochem and entheo-botany, quantum computing, music theory, art history, chaos magic and linguistics, in queer degrees of hyperspecialization. She’s moving toward embodied exploration through circus arts and dance.

By allowing ourselves the power of creative expression and creative embodiment, we realize limitation is an illusion, and we can craft the reality we truly want to live in. This is the power of the magician, the fully actualized human, and your right as a conscious being.

We have all the resources we need to create personal and planetary health and world peace. We need to learn to talk to each other and Earth again and play. We can do this together, and it can be fun, and magical. We can step into a place where the lids of oppression are lifted, from within and without, and the wild song of creation passionately making love with itself can be heard in its unbridled fullness.

So please, play with me in the caverns of God, where your heart speaks jewels and your body knows peace. For we *are* the spirit of infinite creation, and I like it when you hold my hand as you heal your own imagination.

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