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Marcela Arrieta

Marcela Arrieta

Marcela is a energy/spiritual healer, motivational speaker, meditation instructor and author of her forthcoming book, Whispers from Above. She is the owner and founder of Divine Healing Touch where she currently practices.

Marcela developed Prana Angels Therapy, an alternative and holistic approach to healing body, mind, emotions and spirit. The purpose, to reconnect body and soul as One being of light, love, health and divine power.

By clairvoyantly accessing 3 main energy bodies, the physical, mental and emotional, the chakras, spiritual cord and other aspects of our energetic blueprint we connect to each person on a soul to soul level. Assisting them through the process of releasing energies that hinder them from harvesting and thriving in the power of light that they are.

Often these energies or traumas stem from previous lives, if that is the case we are able to access these past lives and energies to facilitate healing, what we refer to as a timeline repair. With these energies released the person can with greater ease move forward from past life constrains.
We also facilitated healing for animals.

For more info, please visit her website.

One Response to “Marcela Arrieta”

  1. Joss says:

    Marcela is a gifted healer and her insight and loving compassion makes you feel you are the only person in the world while in her presence.

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