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Maya Karasso

Maya Karasso

Maya was born in Israel in 1973, to Moroccan parents, and she has kabalistic ancestors in her lineage. At the age of 23 Maya relocated to Galilee Mountain, which is North of Israel. There she created “The Seven Sacred Herb” an herbal store to serve the community as a magical sacred garden and a place of healing with medicinal herbs. Maya began living with a tribe of musicians, healers, and artists. Maya was enchanted by the sound and deep melody played from their hearts, and she found dance as her instrument to express her love and gratitude. To Maya, dance is a way to pray and connect in a sacred union with the divine. Following her passion, Maya met her first mentor, Miri Alon, a master of Oriental Dance and the Self-Expression Movement. Miri’s unique way of teaching expanded her consciousness about the dance of life. With Miri, Maya stepped into the understanding of letting go of the dancer and becoming the dance.

Then Maya went on a quest for 7 years, as she traveled the world gaining vast knowledge of indigenous cultures. The love for Rumi’s poems brought her to Konia, Turkey. In Konia she planted the seeds of whirling dance in her inner garden. For Maya whirling is a state and a space where she can spin with the entire universe, and whirling opens the center within the heart. From Morocco to India, living and traveling with the “Rainbow Tribe” Maya learned the art of living as gypsy, connecting with nature, and living life in celebration.

In 2000 Maya arrived in Los Angeles, CA. She met her beloved and mentor, Tal Karasso. They married, began a family, and opened “Mulana – Divine Dance Center.” At Mulana, Maya was able to take her roots of expression through belly dancing as a way to connect and express the freedom of movement and self expression. Walking on a spiritual path as a young woman to a mother, the practice of BellySecrets was revealed to her piece-by-piece, moment to moment. BellySecrets guided her way to understand the body language encoded with love and light. BellySecrets is Maya’s mystical journey to translate ancient memories. BellySecrets is also map of symbols led with guidance and direction to find the treasure hidden inside each of us through dance.

Maya began to utilize the mystical healing properties she found in BellySecrets through every stage of life, and Maya was dancing and teaching Bellysecrets through out her 2 pregnancies. Maya was able to achieve her dream of giving birth at home in the water. Maya dances with the waves of construction and steps into empowerment by being the sacred instrument for her two beautiful daughters.

Maya experienced the unfolding of life through these dances of life. She asked herself, “What are these movements unlocking on a deeper level?” Maya wanted to understand the mystery of the movement, and she found that through dance and self inquiry the knowing and the feeling become one. She discovered that the movements are sprouting from a deep state of being, allowing, and accepting herself.

BellySecrets is Maya’s Alchemy of the spirit. Maya embodies this alchemy when she performs. Maya’s dance is in a state of no mind, deep prayer, and direct connection with the force of life, elements, earth, sun, moon, and the entire universe. As a sacred dancer in 2004 she performed in the multi-media world tour of Sting, dancing to Desert Rose. For the last 8 years Maya has been touring all around the world with “The Yuval Ron Ensemble” as a sacred folklore dancer. For example, Maya has performed at events such as The Sacred Music Festival in honor of the King of Morocco, and a benefit concert for the Dalai Lama called “Seeds of Compassion,” just to name a few.

Maya’s love and passion to share BellySecrets has guided her way to translate her life experiences into teaching tools to unlock beauty and inner wisdom that empowers women to connect with their bodies as sacred temples and to walk as Goddesses,. BellySecrets is a dance of life, which heals and transforms.

Today Maya shares her life with her beloved husband, Tal, and their two daughters. She lives in Mt. Washington near Los Angeles, CA with her beautiful family in the place they created called the “Living Library.” The” Living Library” is a sanctuary garden filled with the fruits of love and it is a dedicated space to revel the magic and beauty of Mother Earth. Maya offers private session, group classes, workshop, and ceremonies for kids and adults in the garden. Maya is enjoying the integration between her gypsy ways of being and she is sharing her powerful way of living as an active participant on the path of awakening.

Maya has been trained as a practitioner in: Medicinal Herbs of the “RAMBAM”, Cranio Sacral Therapy, DNA 2 / Orion Healing Technique, Khalsa Way – Pre-natal Kundalini yoga, Reiki 2, CCH- Completion & Correction Healing, improvisational movement, Native American medicine, and sacred dance.

For more information, please visit her website.

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