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Michael Brian Baker

Michael Brian Baker

Michael Baker has traveled extensively facilitating groups and individuals in the realization of self-mastery through Somatic Release, Breathwork Practice and Detox through natural plant based diet. His sharp intuition and dedication to the expansion of awareness and well being, promote growth, freedom and the intelligence to heal from within.

He specializes in escorting individuals through the release of past trauma, clearing of blocks and creating new avenues to secure long term goals. Michael is actively fostering mentoring partnerships with young adults throughout the United States.

Michael has extensive experience as a guest speaker representing the recovery community. He has served as a residential recovery manager, crisis counselor, sober companion and interventionist aid.

Michael’s current home base as a Spiritual Counselor and Healing Arts Practitioner is in Southern California. He holds certifications from Upledgers Suzanne Scurlock Durrana HFTC L1, HT levels 1 through 4 through David Elliott, C.H.A.P Certification – Wendy Allamby C.HT,AACP and Medicine Wheel – Dream Time LLC. He is an expert on the philosophy of Yogic theories and the 8-fold path.

For more information, please visit The Breath Center website, or their meetup page.

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