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Mikki Willis

Mikki Willis

Mikki Willis the CEO and founder of Elevate Studios. He is an entrepreneur, a community builder, an inventor, and a visionary artist. As a filmmaker, he has written and directed theatrical features, network television shows, and is regarded as a pioneer for his award winning direction of Spanish language music videos. To date he has produced well over 200 independent productions.

September 11th, 2001 marked a turning point in Mikki’s life and career. After witnessing the collapse of the twin towers he helped to lead a group of civilians who remained in the danger zone for 3 days while searching for survivors. It was atop the rubble of the World Trade Center that his life’s mission was defined, and the vision for Elevate was born.

Since then, Mikki Willis has led missions to bring clean water to third-world counties, build homes for the homeless, create schools in Africa, deliver musical equipment to children in war torn territories, support eco-green initiatives, and mentor young filmmakers.

Mikki Willis received the 2008 Conscious Life Humanitarian Award and is an active member of the Transformational Leadership Counsel.

I’ve met him for the first time briefly in 2006, during the 2nd Elevate Film Festival in downtown Los Angeles. I’ve been inspired by his passion and his work. Several years later I met him again while doing a meditation workshop at the Elevate rooftop space in downtown LA with Max Simon. I recently reconnected with him at Elevate’s new Ojai home. I like him and support his inspiring call for all tribes to unite. As a matter of fact, the vision of connecting various conscious groups and bringing them together is one of the sources of inspiration for this blog.

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