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New Earth Project

New Earth Project

the new earth project is a pioneering planetary initiative which intends, through the power of numbers, to demarcate a line-in-the-sand between humanity and over-reaching big-government. this historic sovereignty movement will define a world shaped by conscious people, and bring about healthy, joyful and prosperous lives for all it’s residents, members and affiliates. people around the world, in all walks of life, are finally realizing the artifice and fundamental injustices of our current model of reality. we are rising up and demanding that overbearing government stand down. none of us wish for our world to be colored any further by the engineering of drone-wars, surveillance-culture, forced-vaccinations, food- stamps, corporate-insanity and media-manipulation. we reject the wholesale manipulation of our information and our livelihoods and are ready for a different civilisational download… one determined by humans with open hearts, open minds and a sense of reverence for all living beings. the new earth project is the unified sovereignty movement offering not just an exit-strategy from the wage-slavery paradigm – but also the means by which we can realize heaven on earth, in our world – in our time.

humanitad is an international non-governmental, non-profit, self-funding organization committed to the promotion of tolerance and fellowship between all peoples of all nations and faiths. we do this through the development of programs and initiatives which serve human and planetary betterment, and via the facilitation of coherent and progressive exchange amongst international leadership.

earth sanctuary status offers an immediate and lawful way for people to transcend the illusion of national identity and borders, as well relinquish ideas of ownership in favor of custodianship and guardianship. it enables a clear and uncompromising exit from the grasp of rogue bureaucracy and undesirable enclosures. underpinning the earth sanctuary platform is the earth sanctuary universal trust; which will serve as an extraterritorial protectorate for the lands and communities within its global family.

the exemplar-zero initiative demands a policy-perspective recognition of the urgent need for a harmonious balance between the built and the natural environment. it also invites an active consensus between governments, industry and grass-roots ushering in environmental sustainability. the e-z initiative fosters and incubates breakthrough sustainable technologies and solutions, and was launched by humanitad as a planetary initiative at the united nations millennium plaza in new york city in 2010.

the natural world organization is being positioned as a multilateral organization with a simple mission. it challenges inappropriate governance and decision-making which directly or indirectly harms human and planetary well-being. the organization houses its own law commission which serves to advance its objectives.
the new earth project is a pioneering initiative to unite humanity in a common cause: to define a world shaped by conscious people, in order to bring about healthy, joyful and prosperous lives. people all around the world are rising up and demanding that overbearing government stands down. none of us want our world to be colored any further by the engineering of wars, surveillance-culture, forced vaccinations, food-stamps, corporate recklessness and media-manipulation. we are ready for a different civilizational download…

the new earth vision invites us to end that old order – now! – by our own consent, across the seemingly impossible divides. it offers a comprehensive blueprint for accomplishing this…

new earth communities: pioneering social experiments serving as nationwide exemplars for the ideal sustainable, conscious community.

new earth institutes: international centres of excellence and innovation in consciousness, advanced sciences, healing and wellness.

new earth retreats: places where students, visitors and visionary patrons alike can experience the world’s most advanced educational, technological, rejuvenating and healing facilities in flourishing natural biospheres.

new earth festivals: a unified global focus event presenting a sustainable vision for a New Earth through the joyful celebration and exposition of art, music, theatre, dance, food, new sciences, healing and wisdom.

new earth portal: a pioneering immersive online portal serving as the planetary ‘touchstone’ for all of the new earth communities, residents, programs & initiatives around the world.

The New Earth Project from James Hardwick on Vimeo.

the new earth project cultivates environments (homes, farms, communities etc..) where people can feel safe, secure and unburdened; where we aren’t subjected to harassment and excessive taxations; where the conditions which create fear and scarcity no longer exist; and where self-determination, freedom, & peace amongst all mankind is no longer regarded as a folly – but is owned and revered as the cornerstone of our civilisation.

the project promotes and supports environments which are physically, emotionally and spiritually invigorating; where people live in natural homes in natural locations built from natural materials; environments where our health and welfare is no longer controlled by vested interests; where education is inspired and inspiring; where organic gmo-free food is plentiful… and free; and where no one needs to pay money to anyone else simply to survive. environments which utilise the rule of law to remind local and central government that they are mandated by the people, to serve the people – and not the other way round.

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