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Nutrition & Inflammation by Dr. Doron Kahana

Nutrition & Inflammation by Dr. Doron Kahana

Dr. Doron Kahana is a Board certified Pediatric Gastroenterologist and Clinical Nutrition specialist. He received his undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago, medical degree at Tel Aviv University, residency training at the University of Minnesota, and fellowship at UCLA. He has been practicing in Torrance since 2008 as faculty at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Dr. Kahana is also a volunteer consultant for several non-profit organizations, including Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America and What’s In Your Lunchbox, Inc. He serves on a number of nutritional committees on both the national and local levels and is an active lecturer on topics in nutrition such as vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, food and inflammation, and feeding intolerance and disorders, among others.

Dr. Kahana is also my friend. We met a few days ago after not seeing each other for a long time and we got each other up to speed on the latest developments. He told me about his vision of the “Center for Digestive Health & Nutritional Excellence” and his enthusiasm was contagious. I share his belief that what we eat has a major impact on our health and well being. He then suggested I watch a video of a lecture he gave at the Forever Young Symposium earlier this year.

In this video, Dr. Kahana shares for the first time his three root concepts of healthy eating:

  1. Feeding the Fire – Some of the foods that we’re eating, the “imitation” and processed foods, designed for maximum profits and longer shelf-life, are constantly triggering our immune system, which causes chronic inflammation in our body.
  2. Fertilizing the Weeds – only 10% of our cells are human cells. The other 90% is bacteria. When we eat, we not just feeding ourselves, so we need to eat the right food in order to support the “good bacteria”.
  3. Starving the Masses – we are over-fed and under-nourished. When considering what to eat, nutrients are more important than calories.

The video is about 40 minutes and well worth it.

2 Responses to “Nutrition & Inflammation by Dr. Doron Kahana”

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  2. Freedom says:

    You had me right up until the point you said Diet Coke is ok for a treat. Whaaaat? Why advocate for that when you’re presenting all these facts about nutrition? Diet Coke is poison!

    • Doron Kahana says:

      You’re absolutely right. Diet soda contains poisons. Fortunately, our bodies are designed to metabolize and excrete most poisons. Obviously, dosage is the most important factor.

      But you’re right, I shouldn’t be promoting self-poisoning to a roomful of people. I think I got carried away trying to appeal to the masses by displaying moderation.

      My bottom line is that food is recognized by our immune system and needs to make a decision if to attack the “invader” or incorporate the nutrients into tissue. Modern food contains molecular mimickers of pathogenic patterns, which in turn trigger an immune response that leads to inflammation.

      So whole foods, plant-based is the ideal diet and should result in decreased morbidity.

      Best regards,
      Dr. Kahana

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