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Patty Carreras

Patty Carreras

Patty Carreras is of Native American descent with Cherokee and Aztec roots resulting in a deep grounding and love for nature and Mother Earth. As a toddler she was adopted by a New Orleans family with rich Creole and Cajun values such as love of family, care for the community, celebration of life and the joys of sharing food.

Her life training included working in the music legal department of a major studio. She also co-wrote and produced independent projects directed by her husband.

After losing her husband of 24 years, Patty’s abilities to connect with the other side grew even stronger. Developing a deeper bond with her angels and spirit guides enhanced her communication with her late father, murdered sister and now her beloved husband.

Patty has been an empath all of her life, with a natural ability to feel and read energy to help people and animals . Her clairvoyance, mediumship and healing gifts are her way of spreading love, understanding and compassion.

Patty’s studies have been varied and eclectic. At a young age as she began to feel and read energies and was first led to the mysteries of the Tarot. She went on to study Heart Point Technique, a new heart-based EFT modality. HPT harnesses the divine feminine energy of Mother Azna and can help with timeline adjustments by changing the DNA at the moment of conception. Using the divine feminine energy, HPT heals relationship, abundance, health and life issues.

Patty’s esoteric study of the hermetic mystery schools, particularly the Mystery School of Isis, has provided her with tools to work with the ka body and to perform Tantric Pineal Gland Activations for sensual healing and sexual awakening.

Patty has also completed The Breath Center Expansion Series and received training in the healing modality of pranayama.

Patty looks forward to working with you as you journey on your sacred path!

Cell: 310 977 7782

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