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PRISM LA Playshop: How To Sell Your Healing Without Selling Out

PRISM LA Playshop: How To Sell Your Healing Without Selling Out

Over 30 Healers gathered this past Tuesday at Gaia Sangha Eco Community in Mar Vista for another Healers Worldwide PRISM LA event.

We had an amazing time! The room was energized and full of Healers coming together in a quest for knowledges they knew not of. Meeting new friends, networking, enjoying fresh brewed herbal tea, and seeking answers to interesting business and marketing questions designed for practitioners of the healing arts. Our goal was to learn how to integrate business with intention, and this time the focus was on practicing the “face-to-face sales conversation.”

The evening started with an opening meditation by Jon Nash called “Forget to Remember the Truth in your Heart”. All the Healers in the room gathered in a golden double circle with joined hands and eyes closed. Jon was accompanied by Wesley Parker, who beautifully played his Tibetan singing bowls as Jon led our journey below the crystals into the earth. The experience of wholeness was felt all around.

Then Jenna Grayson, Clinical Hypnotherapist, took the grounds and led an intensely gratifying Session on leaving behind limiting fears and beliefs. The experience of being guided to places in our minds that we had not yet seen caused several epiphanies among the crowd upon deep discussion on the visions seen. Jenna then led a discussion on the Laws of Attraction and shared her Mantra practice with all present.

It was time to flow into the next part of the evening, an exercise called Energy Role Play, led by Healers Worldwide Founder, Ilan Mandel, and a brave volunteer that acted as his partner for the demo.

Ilan facilitated a fun game where the Healers in the room had to work together, to find the secret code needed to disarm the bomb that was about to destroy our planet. Working together, the Healers were able to find the code and disarm the bomb within the allotted 30 seconds. The people of Earth were able to continue their lives without even being aware of how close our planet was to complete annihilation… :)

The purpose of this exercise was to highlight the urgency of our global circumstances and demonstrate that finding clients for our healing practices is not a luxury but a necessity. There are people out there looking for the healing we provide, and it is our responsibility to make our healing available for them. From a business perspective, we need to get better at “marketing” and “sales”, so that people can get the healing they need, and we would be able to live a life of abundance and fulfillment. For that, we need let go of the layers of fear and self-doubt, to breakthrough the illusion of separation and to heal our relationship with money.

When we meet someone, let’s ask ourselves: How may I best serve the person in front of me? If we just met for the first time, we still don’t know the answer to that question, which means that the best way to serve this person is to engage in a discovery process, to open up and connect to explore the possibilities of playing together.

To practice this approach, the Healers then engaged in “sales conversations” with each other, and after a few awkward seconds, the vibration level in the room went up dramatically. Every single person felt like they had something to give to the person in front of them, and every single person felt like they had something to receive from the person in front of them. All were energized and inspired to go out into the world and engage people – not to “sell” them something and take their money, but to authentically discover the possibility of energy exchange for the mutual benefit of both parties.

A discussion with Ilan and Healers Worldwide associate Vedete Hayat followed this exercise and broke apart key elements of the conversation, like knowing your audience, balancing expectations and listening to the person in front of you.

Once again we had the pleasure of two raw organic vegan chefs lovingly prepare delectable snacks for the community. Chris Brown with his mouthwatering raw chocolates and bliss balls and Chef Sarah Brewer in the house with raw organic goodness. For the main course Michael Brian Baker, Founder of the Breath Center, served his Indian Medicine cooking, a dish of Chicory, to our hungry bellies.

It was difficult to leave as we mingled and traded business cards, with the promises of new relationships and opportunities flowing in the air.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful evening with us! We look forward to meeting again in one of our next events!

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