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Steven Matthew Ullman, OM, BHSP, CST

Steven Matthew Ullman, OM, BHSP, CST

Steven Matthew Ullman, OM, BHSP, CST is an internationally recognized Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Workshop Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker, and Teacher of the Healing Arts.

Recognized for his gifts as a natural healer at an early age, Steven has dedicated his life to alleviating suffering in others, and has constantly searched for new methods, techniques and modalities of care help his clients experience a state of integrated well-being. Currently celebrating 40 years experience in the field, Steven maintains a private practice in Massachusetts (USA), in addition to having a substantial national and international clientele.

Steven offers both “hands-on” and “absent” (distance) healing services and therapeutic counseling sessions to individuals, couples and families. In addition, he also offers instruction in meditation and a diverse range of personally transformative and healing classes, workshops, and special events. Steven also gives “graduate” level training in the healing arts – both locally and internationally – through classes, workshop intensives, and personal apprenticeship. In addition, he teaches easy to learn yet powerful forms of healing to his clients and patients to empower them to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

Steven is well known for his comprehensive holistic approach to healing, which works concurrently on the physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual bodies, and for the successful results he obtains.

Since his childhood, Steven has devoted himself to understanding the fundamental questions of life. He embodies a wide range of abilities, experiences and interests ranging from music, poetry, literature, and the sciences, to deeply personal and spiritual studies, including some of the earth’s oldest mystical traditions and most diverse religions and spiritual practices. As a result of his heterogeneous background and experiences, Steven understands what is important about our humanity and the nature of our existence, and through this understanding, the true nature of dis-ease, discontent, sorrow and suffering as well as health, happiness, joy, bliss and ecstasy, and the processes of transcendence, transfiguration and transmigration.

Over the years, Steven synthesized his extensive learning and discoveries, in combination with his professional training as a healer, into a unique way of working that helps people move quickly into the center of their difficulty, and, if they are truly willing to change, to let go of the old and to move into health and balance, enabling them to live the life they were born to live.

“The way I work is simple; I meet each person where they are. I bring every bit of myself – my knowledge, understanding, experience, love and compassion – every facet of my being, into complete presence with them in the moment. When we are able to meet in that place, then the universe steps in. It’s sometimes called the realm of divine providence, and when accessed, wondrous and unexpected things become possible.”

Prior to immersing himself exclusively in his role as a full-time healer in professional practice, Steven enjoyed flourishing careers in a variety of other fields including, music, photography, marketing and sales, consulting, motivational speaking, financial services and software development. Nevertheless, throughout his life, Steven has worked to develop his abilities as a healer, and for more than 35 years has continuously provided healing to those in need.

After successfully helping to cure himself of cancer through “holistic” means in 1990, as well as healing the cervical disk damage he sustained in an automobile accident, it became clear to Steven that he was being called to give up his other business interests and dedicate all of his time to the service of others. Since then, Steven has devoted his life exclusively to helping others to heal and find balance, clarity, happiness, and peace in their lives.

Steven began his studies in healing and mysticism in his early teens, and at age 19 entered apprenticeship with a Lakhota shaman. Some years later, after completing a second apprenticeship, Steven went on to continue his study of Hermetic healing techniques, Kabbalah and Alchemy.

In the 1990s Steven completed undergraduate training at the Brennan School of Healing Science – a four-year intensive study of Energy Healing and Therapeutics founded by Barbara Brennan. After his graduation, he continued his studies there, becoming one of only a handful of people to complete a special two-year graduate program then offered by the school, a program of advanced studies providing specialized training in World Service (conflict resolution and cultural & group healing) and Integrative Medicine.

Throughout the 90s, Steven also traveled abroad to study, apprentice with, and learn first-hand from well-known healers, psychic surgeons, teachers, and avatars, such as Brazil’s “Joao de Deus” (“John of God”), India’s Sai Baba and Mother Ammachi, Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (“Daskalos”), and many others. Also during those years, here in the U.S., among others, Steven studied with respected healer Rosalyn Bruyere and later with Shelby Hammitt, and continued the development of his own Morphogenic Healing and Alchemical Healing modalities. Steven also began reacquainting himself with the Tibetan Bon culture and its practices, and began an ongoing series of annual sojourns at the principal Bon monastery (in exile) in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India.

Subsequently, at A Society of Souls, the industry’s premiere school of Kabbalistic healing, Steven completed six years of study in Integrated Kabbalistic NondualHealing and Awakening, IM/Personal Movement and the Work of Return under the tutelage of Jinen Jason Shulman, a highly respected modern kabbalist, an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, and Zen Roshi.

After studying and working with their internationally acclaimed Hemi-Sync technology for many years, in the early 1990s, Steven was appointed a Certified Workshop Presenter by The Monroe Institute, and as such, was empowered to create special workshops and workshop intensives utilizing their powerful and remarkably effective hemispheric synchronization technology, and continues to offer a diverse series of these transformative workshops today. Steven also ultimately developed a unique healing modality combining the use of the Monroe Hemi-Sync technology with techniques derived from other modalities of care to produce rapid and effective treatment results for certain kinds of problems and complaints.

Steven has also studied and been certified in the Family Constellation Method of Burt Hellinger, and periodically leads Hellinger Family Constellation Workshops in addition to utilizing this insightful and life-changing therapeutic modality in his healing practice.

After more than 35 years of practicing and teaching meditation, Steven was certified by Deepak Chopra and The Chopra Center for Wellbeing to teach Primordial Sound Meditation – generally considered to be the most powerful and effective, yet extremely easy to learn and practice form of daily meditative practice. Steven offers regular monthly classes in Primordial Sound Meditation, provides personal instruction by appointment, and teaches Primordial Sound Meditation in both educational and corporate settings. He also offers training over the internet for those who live at a distance or are unable to attend a regular class.

Steven also holds various community service events, such as weekly Group Meditations (often including Group Healings), monthly Spiritual Cinema Nights, and periodic “Introduction to Meditation” lectures and (free) Healing Clinics. All of these events are free and open to the public.

These are just a few of Steven’s qualifications as a professional healer; his experience and knowledge is remarkably comprehensive and is characterized by it’s extensive depth and breadth. His healing modalities include but are not limited to: Brennan Healing Science ; Energy Healing (many modalities); Nondual Kabbalistic Healing; CranioSacral Therapy; Shamanic Healing; Morphogenic Healing; Alchemical Healing; Psychospiritual Counseling for individuals, couples and families (including elements of Core Energetic and BioEnergetic psychotherapy and the Pathwork); Tibetan Bon Healing techniques; the Hellinger Family Constellation Method; Aromatherapy; Reflexology; Sound Healing; Flower Essence Therapy; the Yuen Method (Chinese Energetic Healing); Qi Gong; Rosicrucian (and other hermetic) healing techniques; Dolphin Energy Healing; Radionics and Radiesthesia; the Alignment Technique; channeling and trance work; and providing extensive support for life transitions and hospice care. He has also received training in Ayurvedic medicine, India’s ancient (5,000 year old) system of healing. Steven is a Bön Tantric and a master of (Tibetan Bön) Tsi Dup Yang Bod as well as the true Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki which descended from it, and also “Hayashi” – the technique that is taught under the name “Reiki” here in the United States and elsewhere in the west. Steven is also known for the Group Healings he gives in various venues, including group meditations, healing classes, speaking engagements, and other events.

Steven is a member of the International Association of Holistic Practitioners, the International Alliance of Healthcare Practitioners, the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy Medicine, and the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP), among other organizations. Many years ago, Steven founded “Healers Without Borders” and more recently, the “Hesa Seddo Institute of Healing Arts.”

Steven is an Ordained Minister with a non-dogmatic Interfaith healing ministry, and happily conducts marriages and other sacred ceremonies.

Steven can be reached through his healing practice – HS Healing Arts – in Sudbury, Massachusetts (USA) at (+001) 978-376-3783 or via email at:

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  1. nishoshay says:

    im very impressed steven with this huge body of work and the healing you do around the world. do you hold any one week workshops which i can attend. i will come out of mumbai india. thanks

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