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The Bay Area Vision+Strategy Council

The Bay Area Vision+Strategy Council

On July 27, we held a council in San Francisco. We invited community organizers, influencers, connectors, pollinators and leaders to connect, collaborate, co-create and play together, for the highest good of all concerned.

This was our first attempt in a major city other than LA. We wanted to create a unique experience for influencers in the community, where they can get exposure to one another, inquire into the needs of both the community and the individuals in it, and collaborate on the highest level, or as we call it – the highest common denominator. We also wanted to explore ways to connect with prominent members of the conscious communities in San Francisco and the Bay Area, as a step towards building the global network of like-hearted people.

Many thanks to The Center SF who donated the beautiful space we were in.

About 20 people showed up, among them were (in no particular order) Dabney Alix, who co-hosted the event, Jak Noble, Alok Philip Rocheleau, Magenta, who is the Director of Evolver Bay Area, Nick Venegoni, Anjuli Mahendra – founder of ShaktiCura Healing Lounge, Eric Nielson representing The Center SF, Carrie Allen, Dylan Lanius, Anna Stid, Pollina Smith – founder of The Holistic Health Saloon (coming up August 18), Davin Infinity representing the Core Council of Tribal Convergence, Tahil Gesyuk, Makia Cornelia, Rani Croager and Yogi Ramadin. I apologize if I missed anybody…

What an awesome group of awesome people!

What an awesome group of awesome people!

Our agenda for the evening was:

  1. The importance of healing, personal growth and expansion of consciousness as we prepare for the upcoming global shifts
  2. Integrating business with intention – on the individual, community and global levels – to allow wealth to flow from the 1% back to the 99%
  3. Research & development of alternative, conscious and sustainable models for living
  4. The current visions, projects and challenges within the group, and what kind of support we need
  5. Connecting communities – the conscious social network as a medium for seamless distribution of knowledge and resources
  6. How will the San Francisco & Bay Area conscious communities benefit from connecting to the conscious social network
  7. How can the San Francisco & Bay Area conscious communities promote peace, balance and harmony in various areas around the world

Here are some of the notes from the discussion:

  • We need less competition within the community, more collaboration, act as one body
  • Healers should refer customers to other Healers, and for that we need to experience each other’s services and get to know complimenting modalities
  • We need an International marketplace where customers know they can come and shop around for healers and services. Ex: yelp, holistic health saloon
    the ability for healers to travel and bring their reputation with them by connecting to other local marketplaces (hint: this is one of the projects Healers Worldwide is working on in collaboration with other organizations…)
  • We need a way to share resources and knowledge, for example: where in the Bay Area can we hold a fire ceremony?
  • Moving beyond current $$ economy to Sacred commerce and facilitate access to the greater community, and the creation of cooperative models
  • We need support in promotion and marketing (this came up multiple time!!)
  • We need to identify roles and create teams that compliment each other
  • We need to create a list of places of where to give when you are overflowing (yeay!)
  • We need to translate business/marketing terms to Healing terms, and provide business education to Healers
  • We need a list of places/venues for events & workshops
  • We need to create more “Healing Shares” where Healers are healing Healers (Next one is coming up August 14)
  • We need “Wellness Coordinators” that can refer people to Healers based on their needs
  • We need to bridge the different communities in the Bay Area through event like ShaktiCura Healing Lounge and the Holistic Healing Saloon, and make them sustainable through additional marketing efforts, grants and sponsorships
  • We need a way to magnify and crystallize shared intentions
  • We need greater connection, commitment and collaboration within local community
  • We need to launch a unified campaign to promote all Healers and all modalities to those that don’t even consider alternative medicine (Got Wellness?)

In addition to that, we discussed and were in general support of the idea of bringing all the tribes together for a major event of 100,000 people and more (the “Woodstock of Consciousness”).

Overall the meeting was powerful, inspiring and productive. Connections have already been made and co-creations are already in progress. Stay tuned for more!

The Next Steps

As a first step, we chose to compile a list of event/gathering spaces (from free and low cost to average cost) that can host anywhere from around 15-100 people. Thank you Dabney for stepping up to the plate!

If you have relevant info, please contact Dabney at Another way to let us know about these venues is to post them on the Healers Map. Once the information is gathered is compiled, Dabney will organize it by region (East, South, North, SF) and share it.

We will continue the conversations online via this blog, Facebook and email and we will hold another strategy meeting within a month or two.

Would you like to get involved?

Join the Healers Worldwide San Francisco Facebook group: – this is a group for Healers who want to collaborate with other Healers and grow their business.

If you’d like to take a leadership role and join the Healers Worldwide Bay Area Council Facebook group, please email


3 Responses to “The Bay Area Vision+Strategy Council”

  1. Yes! We are on the right track Bay Area healers!

    Dabney, I already have an almost completed list of venues for rent in the entire Bay Area. Dragonfly Healing Center intern, Catherine, has been working on it for the past few months and she says that it is almost done. Woohoo! Catherine and I are meeting on the 14th to review the list. I have time the next day to get together so let me know if you are available on the 15th. We can edit the list together and make it accessible to the whole community.
    All about collaboration!
    Much love,

    • Ilan says:

      Thank you Melissa!! You Rock!! I’ll let Dabney know to contact you. Love!

    • Dabney says:

      Hi Melissa!
      Awesome! I look forward to comparing out lists! Thank you for reaching out and for all that you do. I look forward to seeing you at Venture Retreat Center at the end of the month for Dragonfly Healing Center’s volunteer day. Blessings!

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