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The Bliss Bar

The Bliss Bar

The Bliss Bar is a 501 c(3) non-profit seva (volunteer-run) food and fun organization dedicated to elevating consciousness and sharing tools for a Bliss-FULL life.

They specialize in the most vital food service available on the planet, as well as teaching and training people of all ages about the benefits of Organic, Vegan, Superfood and Living Bliss Lifestyles.

In 2005 the founders – Keval Bliss and Bhagvant Khalsa – turned their lives into a superfood experiment. Raising a young child and committed to eating organic, they soon learned the challenges of making healthy choices, especially on the go. Their mission became clear: find the most potent superfoods on the planet to fuel the body, illuminate the mind and feel the bliss. Thus, The Bliss Bar was born, super-mom tested & kid approved!

The Bliss Bar products and services include:

  • Superfood Product Line – Delicious, deeply restorative, mineral rich, real food packed in glass available by mail or at select locations.
  • Food Service Environments – Stunning décor, music, food, family, dance and yoga workshops in a non-alcoholic bar/café setting.
  • Catering – Beautiful gourmet live food cuisine that will be remembered and make a difference. Even the picky eaters leave surprisingly Blissed!
  • Vending – Creating the perfect small food service installation or our pre-packaged line of superfood treats and beverages.
  • Teaching – Passionate certified teachers deliver fun inspirational workshops and hands-on learning for all ages.
  • Private Coaching – Deep personal transformation can be fun and affordable through private training sessions; available for couples, families and groups.

I met Keval and Bhagvant a few years ago and even helped them a little bit with their business strategizing back when they were running it from their van. The photo on the right was taken during one of our business meeting at Euphoria Loves Rawvolution – an excellent raw food joint on Main Street in Santa Monica.

They are both beautiful people and I wish them all the success in the world.

To learn more and to purchase their incredible products, please visit their website.

One Response to “The Bliss Bar”

  1. BodhiBlues says:

    If you haven’t tried the chocolate Bliss Bar, you must! Soooo good!

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