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The Burning Opera: How to Survive The Apocalypse

The Burning Opera: How to Survive The Apocalypse

The Burning Opera: How To Survive the Apocalypse ( made its Los Angeles debut at the Syrup Loft in Downtown Los Angeles, to an enthusiastic first night audience. Opening night was totally sold out and the the show was AWESOME!

Performed at an 11,000 square foot loft space, the avante garde performance is a rock concert with a story that takes you through the cinematic experience portrayed through shadow puppetry and theater. Each night is an event with surprise guests, stories of adventure, performers, artists and vendors of unique artifacts and designs bringing their talents into one space, spanning the spectrum of creativity.

The Burning Opera: How To Survive the Apocalypse, aims to explore the inherent conflicts and painful paradoxes of the world’s most notorious and influential art event, Burning Man, that happens in August annually in the Nevada desert.

After getting kicked off a beach for trying to burn an effigy, small crews of artists build a visionary city in the desert. Two new comers arrive, each with their own insecurities of fears and expectations, and make their way through the erotic, psychological, and apocalyptic minefield of the temporary Burning Man event.

The Burning Opera: How To Survive the Apocalypse is created by Mark Nicols and Erik Davis. This show is produced by Yehonatan Koenig, Daphne Vega, Mark Nichols and Julie Lewis. Directed by Stephen Hues, Mark Nicols and Julie Lewis.

An ensemble of ultra-talented musicians, actors and puppeteers perform the show and are followed each night by musical performances by a group of rotating entertainers like DJ Pumpkin, DJ Weevil Leveevil, DJ Jacques the Ripper, Y2-Jesse Shannon, DJ Diggs; performances by Alicyn Packard, Maci, Nancy Crouch, and the Stilt Circus.

If you love Burning Man, you must check it out. If you’ve never been to Burning Man, this is a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of its beauty, magic, artistic expression and transformational chaos.

Not to be missed!

Here’s is the link again:

To get $4 off the ticket price, be sure to use code ‘Healers.LA’ before checking out
(without the quotes and exactly as it appears – the code is case sensitive)

… and here are some photos from opening night, taken by my good friend Ariel Benarroch.

Click on a thumbnail to view the image in full size, then click on your browser’s BACK button to get back.

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