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The First Osher Gathering: Featuring Michael Brian Baker

The First Osher Gathering: Featuring Michael Brian Baker

ON this journey we refer to as life, people come and go, weaving in and out of our experiences, delivering blessings and teaching lessons, forever imprinting themselves in the memories of our DNA. Few people have made as life transforming an impact on my life journey as Michael Brian Baker.

Michael Brian Baker is a Student of life, Spirit Guide, Shamanic Healer, Keeper of Ancient Wisdoms and a constant reminder of our own divinity. He is a man that has devoted himself to a life of service to… you and I.

Founder of The Breath Center International Healing Movement which has given birth to unique partnerships that accelerate the self realization/ Illumination process, he has incorporated several Outreach Programs with Nationwide Festival experiences and is devoted to selfless service and the expansion of awareness on our Planet. It is an honor to sit with him today over tea to discuss his background, dharma, affiliation with Healers Worldwide and worthy upcoming public events.

Video by Jon Nash

HWW: Tell me a little about yourself…

MBB: I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1968, the son of two Phi Beta Kappa graduates from Ohio State University. Importance was placed on formal education – I would prove difficult for them, as an artistic mind did not fit into the household mold. I can remember not being stimulated or interested by standard socialized systems since Preschool. My parents moved my younger sister and me to Los Angeles when I was 6. I grew up in an upper middle class household, playing baseball, basketball and racing BMX bikes. By the time I was in 3rd grade it was evident that I was not going to live up to the educational expectations that were laid upon me. By my early teen years I began experimenting with cigarettes, alcohol, and other activities that would provide fuel for my rebellion. I moved out of my parents home at 14-years old, taking the road less traveled. These experiences were extremely expansive yet very painful – my greatest teachers became the emotional lessons of abandonment, periods of addiction and self-loathing… I was attempting to free my arrested development and feed the seemingly empty space within my Self.

HWW: When did you begin to awaken to your true calling?

TBC: I have always very much been a seeker – from a very young age I remember looking at my hands and thinking – why am I stuck in this body?
I remember pre lingual stages of my life where I was already becoming the awareness that would later allow me the contrast of non-dualism and compassion for the self. Later in my mid-twenties after a Fear and Loathing experience in Thailand – still seeking – a close friend of mine propelled me to journey with him to Taos, New Mexico, to the Hanuman Ashram, for Neem Karoli Baba’s Mahasamadhi or the celebration of our Guru’s transition. It was on this trip, that I would experience a full 180-degree turn around. My surrender into this wild trip to a Western Indian Ashram would be the setting for my hearts first peek into unconditional love. Here I was enlightened at the feet of Baba Ram Dass in his wheelchair. I was literally drenched in a spontaneous illumination, and all of my years of pain and suffering began to peel like layers of an onion and melt away. I was in tears as was ram Dass as were most of the people standing in line behind me.

I passed out, don’t remember the plane ride home, or the next morning – but when I ‘came to’ and looked around I had never seen the sun shine so bright… everything changed for me during that time without even knowing I was seeking and had been resurrected, The joy of my youth had been replenished, ease and grace had been found. I immediately became a serious student of yoga. I practiced Ashtanga and the 8-fold path, Bhakti Vedanta, Pranayama, Tapasia and Meditation.

I traveled India, Bali and learned many Hindu and Buddhist teachings and customs. Through my studies I was brought to a specific patterned breath which changed my life, and connected me in an even higher way than the illumination experience had in just 7 minutes. I felt 36 years of pain melt away… cried for five hrs… and from there began my studies around re-establishing innate psychic senses and began learning how to facilitate and document my life’s work.

HWW: Where are you now?

TBC: 12-years later, I am a Founding member of The Breath Center (TBC), which is an international holistic healing arts movement that facilitates a similar illumination experience to the one I had in Taos. We also have the TBC Healing Arts Community Home, located in Venice, California.

HWW: Tell me about The Breath Center.
TBC: The Breath Center is a for profit philanthropic business model with a non-profit 501c pending arm. We are currently comprised of over 75 volunteers, 14 staff, and 4 board members. TBC hosts transformative Healing Programs, Outreach Programs and Training Programs for people seeking how to heal themselves and others. We work one-on-one through Healing Arts co-creation counseling, using the different layers of the body – the physical, ethereal, energetic and spiritual taking our clients on a personal treasure hunt for their true purpose through the breath and several other carefully chosen modalities. There are deep elements of Shamanism, working with the 6 directions and animal totems to propel people into their purpose and integrate them into the TBC Outreach Programs and then the life of their dreams.

We have had people come through our doors at 50-years old who have never been in relationship, go through a 3-month partnership and find the love they have been seeking buried within themselves and then their life partner magically appears. They leave behind that which no longer serves and move into a place of clarity. This occurs when they hold fixed intention begin to work with emotion and the elements, and start to exchange in a way that is creatively conscious and ultimately bring in what they desire, rather than unconsciously keeping it at bay.

HWW: What Outreach programs do you speak of?
TBC: We have several Outreach Programs in development right now, all directed by the highly intuitive and talented Jennifer rose Aronson. We have the Feed People Outreach Program, which services Venice Beach, Downtown LA and has now branched out to Mexico City. In fact, our Mexico City launch was April 27, 2013. Claudia Hernandez Esquvile is the program head and fed over 200 people while taking care of her new baby girl!

Our collective vision is that pods of conscious people all over the world prepare and pray over food for 200-300 people, go out together and offer healthy, blessed meals or Prasad to those who are challenged or less fortunate. We have monthly missions supported 100% by donations. If you live in Los Angeles and wish to experience selfless service to those in need contact our Los Angeles program head, Benjamin Edward Alter at Please join us!!

We also facilitate Palliative Care headed by Ashley Neumeister, Prison Outreach headed by Melissa Liu and Natural Birthing Education and Children’s Programs partnered with the LA Food Bank headed by Hailey Dawn Armstrong and Donielle Arbon. There are transformative retreats including Breathing with Wolves, a weekly radio show called Love, Serve, Feed People and Remember God, which features and supports people who are making a difference in our world. There is our yearly Festival Tour, where we facilitate healing gatherings for up to 900 people over the course of 3-day periods. This year be sure to catch us at Shakti Fest, Bhakti Fest MidWest, Moksha Festival and Bhakti Fest West. We have quarterly Cleanse Teams, and TBC Expansion Programs that run from single sessions to 9-month Gestation Packages for those who seek to experience re-birth, illumination and clarity around what their life’s purpose is.

We also have many single events like Sacred Sundays at Bhakti Yoga Shala that offer a wide range of non-denominational teachings and ways to empower and enlighten the Self in a gentle and loving way. We’ve chosen to take a stand for self-realization and empowerment, and are all about doing it in a fun and creative way – including people from all walks of life – together!

HWW: Tell me about your partnership with Healers Worldwide…

TBC: The Founder of HWW, Ilan Mandel, and I are working closely with an evolving vision of a network of facilities and healers all over the world. I have mid-wived the birth of this extraordinary network and believe this work is required here and throughout the world. There is a shift happening on this planet, and people are being turned inwards to seek wholeness in ways they have never before imagined. There is a great need for an organized community of people doing this work within the community. HWW has a strong vision to reach and connect healers with each other and those seeking expansion through healing. Their desire to create space so that we can all achieve inner peace has been the focus of TBC since the beginning, and this is one of the synchronistic attributes that have brought the paths of The Breath Center and Healers Worldwide together. Together we make a complete team, aligning the spiritual with ethical business standards and practices. HWW provides the network to the community and the marketing and direction for those who are not quite sure what their gift is. TBC offers the healing practices, modalities and experience that support budding arts practitioners the ability to powerfully choose to step into on their work and to be compensated equal to their effort. Together, we provide the complete tools and support system from the business and spiritual aspects to unite, stand up and assist people to waking up and stepping into their power. We are all about people choosing to get involved to evolve!

HWW: Tell me a little bit about the First Osher Gathering taking place on May 11, 2013?

TBC: On May 11, we are communing with great intention into the transformational vortex known as Syrup Loft in downtown LA. It is going to be a blissful healing event unlike any that California has ever seen. Healers will be sharing their practices throughout the evening, and we will perform an earth sacrament ceremony with all who attending. Together we will Breathe as One, while Groove Temple picks up the sound frequency so that we get the breath, brain and energetic branches of our system moving together – this is all about personal liberation! There will be Kirtan, as the Iskcon community will be serving Prasad (blessed food) to all present. We will be co-promoting Moksha Festival, a 3-day celebration of wellness, spiritual expansion and conscious living through: Yoga, Health, Ayurveda, Sacred Music and healthy food, that takes place this July 12-14th, in Topanga Canyon, CA.

So reserve your space and join us for a bliss evening of healing, dance, music and food!

Many Thanks and Bless up! – See you May 11th! <3 Vedete

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