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The Kushi Institute

The Kushi Institute

Kushi Institute, a division of the Kushi Foundation Inc., is the leading macrobiotic educational center in the world. There, students from around the globe attend residential-style programs on the macrobiotic approach to health and healing.

Core programs offered year-round include the week-long Way to Health program, geared for health recovery, and the Macrobiotic Leadership Program, which is the most in-depth and comprehensive certificate program on Macrobiotic skills and principles available.

Founded in 1978 by Michio and Aveline Kushi, the Kushi Institute has offered guidance to individuals, families and organizations for more than 20 years. The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company is among those organizations which have engaged the Kushi Institute to instruct and guide their chefs in creating healthful macrobiotic menu choices that meet the guidelines of the Kushi Institute.

A well known teacher and spokesperson, Mr. Kushi is also known for his dedication to the cause of world peace, and is the founder of The One Peaceful World Society. A prolific writer, Mr. Kushi is the author of several dozen books, including The Macrobiotic Way, The Cancer Prevention Diet, The Book of Macrobiotics, and One Peaceful World.

The Kushi Institute is located in Becket, Massachusetts, in the heart of the beautiful Berkshire Mountains. Surrounded by scenic vistas of rolling hills, set amid 600 acres of secluded meadows, woodlands and streams, it is an ideal place to study, relax, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Their macrobiotic meals are known as one of the highlights of a stay at the Kushi Institute. One can experience the healthful effects of the macrobiotic diet as they enjoy three meals each day, prepared from fresh, all-natural ingredients including whole grains, beans, vegetables, sea vegetables, and fruits.

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